About Texas Beard Company

Texas Beard Company is made up by four 20-somethin' dudes in Texas. Together we decided to make a name for ourselves in the Beard Care arena by offering high quality, all natural, man-made Beard Products. The company is comprised of Ryan Olson, Aaron Davis, Adam Haynes, and Shayne Martin.

Ryan Olson

Ryan is a Software Developer by day, Beard Grower at night. At Texas Beard Co., Ryan is responsible for creating the oils, balms, and waxes. 

Outside of beard stuff and software, Ryan enjoys pickle making, woodworking, and drinking beer.

Aaron Davis

Aaron grew up in Bridge City Texas, tromping around outdoors and building forts in the woods. Small, wild animals were caught and tamed, neighborhood hide-and-go-seek games were won, and raucous trouble was a daily affair. He started playing music at a young age and drawing at an even younger age. After a logo project in high school art class, he vowed never to be a designer, and after adulthood (whatever that is) snuck up on him, he became a designer. At Texas Beard Co, Aaron designs stuff, draws stuff, makes stuff.

Adam Haynes

Adam is our token beardless guy and our resident shave expert. For some unknown reason he is comfortable dragging sharpened steel across his neck. He was raised in the wilds of Buna, Tx. Rumor has it that he saw his first pair of shoes at the age of ten. Be warned, his voice is startlingly thunderous and can often be heard echoing through the pines of South East Texas. When he's not busy being the inspiration for campfire ghost stories he also serves as our front end developer for this site.

Shayne Martin

Shayne is our jack of no trades. No one is entirely sure what Shayne does around here but rest assured that whatever it is he does it well.

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