3 Reasons Why There Must be Daily Suds in Your Beard

After having a beard for a few years, I’ve had the opportunity to learn quite a bit about maintenance. There’s trimming, washing, giving it far more care than I honestly considered before adorning the look. However, there’s one thing you absolutely must not forget as part of your beard’s upkeep: soap.

A good tip is to treat your beard much as you would the hair on top of your head.
Why does soap need to be a key ingredient in treating your beard like the kingly addition to your face that it is?

Here are three main reasons:

Love Thy Beard and It Will Love You

Heading back to the whole “treating all head hair equally” motto, recall what you use during showers, baths or whatever your ritual to stay rinsed is.

Shampoo and conditioner should both already be in your beard care playbook. Oil may be, but we’ll get to why that’s not necessary in a moment. You may use body wash or regular old bar soap, but keep in mind that if you do, your beard needs the attention, too.

Help Cut Costs

No doubt when you’ve combed your beard, you’ve had plenty of experiences yanking out a few stubborn strands whether you want to or not. You don’t deserve that punishment and neither does your comb.

The beauty of beard soap is that on several occasions, oils found in it can help soften what often become very coarse hairs. Not only that but with regular use, you’ll be able to slide a comb through your beard like a hot knife through butter.

Now you’re not only properly addressing a need in applying soap, but rather than purchasing separate oil, you can save yourself some coin by attacking your hair care with a double-pronged approach.

This isn’t to say that use of other oils is discouraged as ultimately, it’s your call on how you treat your beard and experimentation can be fun. Use this opportunity to save up a bit by using a bar or bottled soap that adds some oil to the mix in the meantime.

No Need to Get Rash About Rashes

Many problems can pop up during beard growth: ingrown hairs, itching and all kinds of irritation. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

While there are plenty of soaps on the market, you can keep your lovely mug free of rashes and other uncomfortable aspects of growth by using one of the natural products out there that are free of detergents and fragrances.

Without these ingredients that could actually make the irritation worse, you’ll find your skin clean which means fewer outbreaks and you’ll enjoy reduced itchiness should any recovery be necessary if any trimming goes astray one busy morning.

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