3 Reasons You Should Rinse Your Beard After Swimming

When summer is in full swing, it’s time to break out those swimming trunks and spend afternoons soaking in the sun beneath the surface of a cool, glittering pool. However, if you're a gentleman who rocks a beard, there are some important things to know before taking that first plunge into the water.

If you find yourself spending lots of time in pools during the summer months, you're likely soaking in a lot of chlorine. Whether you're in your friend's pool or a large pool at the local swim club, the unfortunate reality is that you're going to expose your beard to a harsh chemical that can wreak havoc on your delicate facial hair.

To maintain a healthy beard that grows and grows, you simply must rinse your beard after getting out of the pool. Doing this will protect your beard against all kinds of problems.

Below, you'll discover exactly how chlorine negatively affects your beard”

Chlorine Dries Out Your Facial Hair

Chlorine is a harsh chemical that is capable of stripping sebum from your hair. Sebum is an oil that the skin produces to keep hair lubricated and healthy. When the hair is stripped of sebum, it becomes dry and brittle. The result is a beard that breaks easily and looks incredibly unhealthy. As soon as you get out of the pool, give your beard a good rinse under a faucet. We also suggest that you keep a hydrating beard oil with you so that you can quickly add some moisture back into your beard.

Chlorine Can Alter the Color of Your Beard

Chlorine is essentially a bleaching agent that strips pigment from individual hair strands. That's why those who have blonde hair often find that their tresses develop a greenish tint after they've gone swimming for a few hours. If you have hair that's on the lighter side, you should rinse your beard as soon as you get out of the water. This will stop the chlorine from fully permeating each hair strand, preserving the natural color of your beard.

Chlorine Can Interfere with Hair Growth

Chlorine can be so damaging to hair that it damages the follicle itself, causing hair to stop growing. If you're trying to grow out a big, glorious beard, this can become a real problem. By rinsing out your beard after you've gone swimming, you'll be preventing the chlorine from fully absorbing into the hair follicle. As a result, your beard will continue to grow at its normal rate.

As you can see, rinsing your beard out after swimming is crucial. The health, appearance and growth of your facial hair depends on it.

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