5 Dermal-Type Benefits of Having a Beard

Beards have a long history, beginning in prehistoric times. Back then it was both practical and a sign of integrity for men to have beards. The most practical aspect of Paleolithic men growing beards was to provide warmth during extremely cold winters. As humans advanced beyond ancient civilizations, dermatologists often recommended beards for men suffering from certain skin disorders such as, folliculitis (infection of the hair follicle) and PFB-pseudofolliculitis barbae (severe ingrown hairs). Which brings us to today, when having a beard is considered cool, a part of being an urbanite or hipster.

“Manscaping” now includes beard care. Also, trendsetting men in sports display kempt beards, as if it’s a silent rite of passage demonstrating their maturity and intangible sense of fashionable awareness. But, beyond the history and the evolving look of beards, there also offer dermic benefits. Keep reading to find out if you should let your beard grow.

Considering a Beard?

Well, you’re in good company because nothing boosts the health of the skin better than having a beard. Beards come in all types from neatly groomed and tidy to wild and scraggly. If you are having trouble with patches or sparse growth, use nature’s clock for the best results. The most productive hormonal cycle for beard growth is warmer months. This according to researchers, V. A. Randall, and N. V. Botchkareva who conducted a study in 2009. The men were between the ages of 18-39 and for a year and a half, the subjects were examined for beard growth.

During this time, it was noted that testosterone is higher in the warmth of summer and there is also an increase in Vitamin D. Two elements which affect beard growth. It was also discovered that beard growth actually declines in the winter.

#1: Sun Protection

As evident by a man’s ability to grow a beard in the first place, it turns out that there’s scientific data to support the sun protecting benefits. When exposed to the sun, a man’s face can become leathery and wrinkle. This condition is known as, “dermatoheliosis”. An Australian research study provided in-depth look at this benefit. It was discovered that beards block 90% of the sun harmful UV rays This information can be applied to men residing in warmer climates. Any state or country where there’s extreme heat that can cause chronic skin damage.

#2: Blemish-Free Skin

Want acne free skin? Then keep growing that beard. The effect is the same for beard growth that’s patchy or sparse. It’s avoiding shaving, which yields the greatest benefits. By skipping the razor this prevents the abnormal breakdown of skin cells. The individual cells of the skin, the epidermis, have a typical response to shaving that often leads to acne. Ditching the razor, prevents the epidermis from drying out. No shaving means no acne scarring and unsightly pimples.

#3: More Masculinity

Women dig men with beards, this according to a man with a beard. But seriously, masculinity is associated with facial growth, as indicated by the Official Journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society. A study revealed people in general find men with beards, more manly. Not only did study participants consider men with beards more masculine, but they also attributed other positive characteristics to them, including having better parenting skills, overall healthiness, and more attractiveness.

Natural Moisture

By forgoing the razor, this prevents the epidermis from drying out. Not only does avoiding the daily damage from shaving protect the skin, but beards are a natural wind protectant. Beards keeps moisture in, thanks to an abundance of oil secreting glands (sebaceous glands) in the hair follicles. Science has proven that nothing keeps a man’s face better moisturized than having a beard.

Trapped Allergens

A thick beard may actually ward off airborne bacteria, keeping it away from the skin, nose, and throat. This benefit was first recorded in 1875 by Dr. Addison P. Dutcher. His research showed that beards trap the particles from allergens and pollen and prevented them from reaching the lungs.

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