5 Reasons to Use a Stainless-Steel Razor Blade for Wet Shaving

It seems that shaving is something of a lost art as today’s average man is in such a rush to get off to work that he opts for the quickest, most effortless method possible. What’s sad about this is that once upon a time, shaving was a pleasurable activity that allowed a man to practice self-care while getting into a deeply relaxed state. Men used to take pride in their shaving instruments and their unique shaving rituals.

The good news is that the art of wet shaving seems to be slowly coming back. Once again, we’re seeing high-quality safety razors, exceptional grooming products and the desire to indulge in a therapeutic shaving session. If you’re ready to embrace the world of wet shaving, we highly suggest that you invest in a carefully crafted stainless steal safety razor blade. As far as shaving gurus are concerned, it is the only way to ensure a flawless shave.

With all that being said, here are some key reasons why you should use a stainless-steel razor blade for wet shaving:

1. Doesn’t Rust as Easily

There’s something about looking down on a rusted razor blade that kills the vibe of a shaving session. Unfortunately, there are many razors out there that are made with cheap materials. These types of razors may be cost-effective at first glance, but the reality is that you’ll likely go through them extremely quickly since they rust so easily, costing you more money in the long run.

What really is great about stainless steel blades is that they are virtually rust-resistant. You’ll likely find that it is dull long before the rust starts taking over its shiny exterior.

2. Warms Up Quickly

Does anything ruin a shaving session more than the feeling of cold metal against your face? That shocking sensation is definitely not going to help you feel nice and relaxed while you run your razor against your skin. Certain types of blade materials require a lot of time to warm up since they’re not so good at conducting heat.

Stainless-steel, on the other hand, absorbs heat very quickly. Just running your stainless-steel razor blade under warm water will have it ready to go in virtually seconds. Then, you can enjoy the sensation of nice, warm steel gliding against your face, adding to the relaxing nature of wet shaving.

3. Lasts Much Longer

One of the biggest advantages of using a stainless-steel razor blade is its longevity. Stainless-steel is famously resilient, making it the only real material for shaving as far as experts are concerned. The blade will stay sharp for a very, very long time, meaning that one blade will last you many shaving sessions.

Because of its long-lasting nature, it’ll keep your skin safe as it doesn’t become dull after just a couple of shaves. We all know what it’s like to cut ourselves because we had to overcompensate for a quickly dulling blade.

4. The Blade Feels Better Against the Skin

There’s no doubt that a stainless-steel blade feels absolutely wonderful against the skin. When you’re dealing with a dull blade, it tugs at all of those small facial hairs, creating a very uncomfortable sensation. A dull blade can also irritate your skin, leaving it feeling itchy and painful. Who wants to deal with that?

You’ll Get a Closer Shave

Your seemingly never-ending quest for the closest shave ends as soon as you pick up your first stainless steel razor blade. Because of the incredible sharpness of this type of blade, your skin will be as smooth as a baby’s once you’re done. Also, the closer the shave, the less often you’ll have to shave, meaning that you’ll be able to go quite a few days before going through the shaving process all over again.

Embrace the Wet Shaving Lifestyle with the Power of Stainless-Steel!

When it comes to wet shaving, a stainless-steel blade is the ultimate indulgence that’s as practical as it is luxurious.

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