A Flaky Beard, Oh What to Do?

There is nothing worse than having your beautiful and luscious beard full of flakes. Not only are they unsightly but they are also annoying. They can drop out of your beard without any notice and they just take away from your beard. With that being said, we are going to discuss how you can remove flakes from your beard and how to keep them away.

The first step in treating beard flakes is to figure out why it's happening. Most people think that it's just dry skin but that's not necessarily true. Sometimes it is caused by a fungus, left over residue from shampoo or conditioner, oil and balm irritation, water temperature, lack of drying, or skin conditions. Just like beards, every man's skin is different so the way they treat flakes might differ from man to man. Once you figure out the cause, you'll have a much easier time treating the flakes.

The first thing you can do is try using beard oil. Using beard oil 2-3 times per day will help keep your beard soft and hydrated and keep the skin underneath moisturized. If the weather around you is dry or humid then you should use it more often. One thing to realize is that this is a great solution for men who have light or minor flakes but if a man has bad flaking then chances are they are going to have to look for a different solution. Another thing to take into consideration is if you have sensitive skin. If you do, beard oil can cause irritation and lead to blocked pores. To find a great selection of beard oils you can check out the company called Texas Beard Company.

The next thing you can do is brush, wash, then exfoliate. When you brush your beard, it should always be with a 2-sided brush that has a soft and coarse side. The point of brushing is to make sure you distribute your natural oils evenly. When you go to wash, you should grab a soft wash cloth and scrub your face. This will help get any stuck dirt off. Finally, when you exfoliate, you want to scrub away all the dead cells without scrubbing too hard. The point is just get the dead cells off without irritating or damaging your skin. By doing this, you will scrub away the dead cells before they get the chance to dry and flake. This works well if you do it 2 times a day.

This solution has everything to do with the soap and shampoo you are using. If you are using soap--stop. Soap is known for drying out skin and this is the last thing you want if you are trying to get rid of flakes. Now for shampoo. Depending on your skin type, using shampoo too much can dry you out. If limiting shampooing helps with flakes then do it only 1 or 2 times a week. When shampooing you want to make sure you are working your fingertips down to the roots of your beard. You also want to make sure you are washing the skin underneath. Another consideration to take in is, depending on your skin, the type of shampoo you use. The best types to choose from are: beard shampoo, baby shampoo, OTC medicated shampoo, and prescribed shampoo. Also make sure your water isn't too hot because that will dry out your skin as well.

The final thing you want to do is make sure you moisturize. This will help keep the skin under your beard healthy and hydrated. This leads to less flakes. When choosing a good moisturizer, try to find one that is fragrance free because ones that aren't might be harsher on your skin and cause even more flaking.

You don't have to worry if you have beard flakes because there is hope. There are steps that you can take to ensure that you are keeping your beard beautiful and flake-free. If these don't work, you might need to visit a dermatologist to get down to the root of the problem!

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