A Properly Shaved or Buzzed Neckline

A beard is something that many men strive to grow and then once they grow it, they want to maintain it, and that is where a few things are necessary. Sure, keeping it healthy and keeping it growing are important, but there are other things that need to be considered when growing and having a beard and that is a properly shaved or buzzed neckline. Most men don't realize that this can be beneficial to the beard and to the overall look.

  • Clean Look – When growing a beard, having it properly shaved and having a buzzed neckline gives the beard definition instead of just being wild looking. During its growth, this line helps it grow where it should and reduces the amount of growth below that line.
  • Where the line is – for many men it is underneath the chin and approximately 1.5 inches from the front of your chin. This is a general rule of thumb to work with and with the varying shapes of face, can vary slightly.
  • Different Cuts – There are two primary styles for trimming the beard and the neckline and that is straight edge and curved. Depending on the face style, for those who have more rounded faces a straight edged trim will help give the face depth, while on those who have more squared faces can benefit from a more curved buzz.
  • Skin Issues – a properly shaved or buzzed neckline can help prevent issues with the skin as well as with the hair as it is growing. One of the most common issues that beard growers can potentially face is ingrown hairs. For most men, growing a beard is not common, so the hair follicles aren't used to having hair grow out of them. By trimming the hair on the neckline, it can actually open up the follicles and allow for growth.
  • Beard Etiquette – Never cut hair above the neckline unless you are doing a trim. By trim, only do small amounts and not large amounts as it can actually stunt the growth of the beard and no guy growing one wants that. Always keep it properly shaved because it looks cleaner and better kept overall. No one likes a messy beard.

A buzzed neckline is vital to a successful beard. It gives it definition, depth, and provides for a more sophisticated look. No one wants to be known for the neck beard because they just don't look as good as the face beard. By being smart about the beard and how it is maintained, a beard can be one of the most prominent features on any man. It's all in how it is taken care of.

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