An In-depth Look at The World of Beard Oil

Drop that razor, there is another way!

Tired of the homeless look but don't want to shave? Do you prefer being mistaken for Charles Manson than for PeeWee Herman? I, too, was oh-so-blessed with a weak jaw, however, I come from a long line of curly, coarsely, thickly bearded men - that is, once all the hair on their heads happily migrated down to their faces! Although I would regularly condition my beard, it would still appear unshapely, wild, and straight out of 2,000 B.C. I was a total caveman! Something had to be done but shaving would reveal my chin-less gooseneck and baby face, so I took a chance with beard oil.

Beard oil moisturizes facial hair and hydrates the skin underneath. It helps soften beard hair, therefore making it much easier to tame. Daily wear and conditioning alone will lead to a dry, brittle beard. Have you ever tried grooming the bristles of a broom? Beard oil replenishes your facial hair's natural and essential oils, making it far more manageable. Keeping your beard properly oiled and moisturized also prevents dry, itchy, and irritated skin underneath. From comfortable skin will grow a comfortable beard.

Most beard oils can also double as a styling agent to help tame your face blanket. Simply comb it through, as usual, laying down fly ways and shaping your beard as you see fit. There are many styles of beard to choose from and a quick Google search should result in the best advice depending on your own individual taste and face-shape.

To get the most from your beard oil, you should apply after every shower and conditioning. Drip 2-3 drops of oil into one of your palms. This amount may seem small but will go a long way. If you need more you can always use more later. Spread the beard oil evenly in your palms and between your fingers. With the oil evenly distributed, now brush your hands over the sides of your beard. Rub them directly down the front in the same manner. Then try running both oily hands up through the bottom of your beard. Coat your mustache by using the oiled tips of your fingers. Set your beard hairs back in place by combing the oil through. Repeat this process daily or at least after every shower to keep your beard soft and tamed.

A simple treatment of beard oil to your facial hair could mean the difference between unkempt hobo and well-groomed gentlemen. Try the ever-expanding world of beard oils at Texas Beard Company before deciding to completely shave to avoid having a rat's nest on your face!

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