Bigger Can Be Better at Texas Beard Company

As you’ve probably heard before, everything is bigger in Texas. We’ve taken that motto to heart, which means that we now offer our signature Beard Oils in massive 3oz bottles. That means that you can grab your very favorite oil in a massive bottle while saving both time and money. How bad can that be?

The Beard Oils at Texas Beard Company

At Texas Beard Company, we’ve gone to great lengths in order to formulate a high-quality beard oil that’s extremely moisturizing, completely clean in its ingredients and capable of making you smell absolutely phenomenal. We offer a wide range of beard oils with each one boasting a unique scent that has been carefully blended using plant-based extracts and essential oils. These oils are free from harsh and irritating synthetic ingredients, and, unlike many beard oils on the market, they actually nourish your skin and beard deep beneath the surface.

Why You Should Grab a 3oz Bottle of Our Beard Oil

Like our standard beard oils, these 3oz bottles are available in a wide range of fragrances so that every man can find a signature scent that captures his personality. And, just like the original sizes, these oils are made with exceptional ingredients for spectacularly healthy skin and facial hair.

You’ve Got a Super Long Beard, and You’re Tired of Going Through Beard Oil Weekly

Look, we get it – not all beards are the same length. Some men like having a very tight, short beard, while others like growing it as long as nature will allow. And, for those men with enormously long beards, they go through a lot more beard oil each day. That’s why a 3oz bottle is ideal. If you’re going through a new standard-sized bottle of beard oil each week, it’s time to increase that size so that you’re ordering product far less frequently.

You Like to Save Money

Who doesn’t like to save a few bucks? We all know that maintaining a flawless beard care routine can get costly with all of the products and tools that are involved. So, grabbing a 3oz bottle of beard oil can help you keep some extra crash. That’s because our 3oz bottles are less expensive per ounce than our smaller bottles. After all, it always pays to buy in bulk.

You Always Forget to Restock Your Beard Oil Supply When You’re Running Low

Do you find that you go through beard oil so frequently that you’re running out before you remember to order more? If so, you’re not alone. But the good news is that grabbing a 3oz bottle can help. This way, you’ll spend less time fretting over that dwindling supply and more time ensuring that your beard gets the exceptional nutrients and hydration that it requires.

How to Use Our Beard Oil

Using one of our 3oz Beard Oils is just as easy as using any beard oil.

  1. Simply pour a small amount into your hand and rub your palms together.

  2. Then, gently but thoroughly massage the oil into your facial hair and skin until you feel like it’s fully been absorbed.

  3. Do this daily, and style afterward if necessary.

Grab These Large Beard Oil Bottles Today!

These 3oz Beard Oils can help you save some cash while ensuring that you’ve always got a nice, big supply ready to go. These oils are just as high in quality as our originals, and they smell just as fantastic. So, what are you waiting for?

Beard Oil 4-pack
Price: $47.99
Glorious Beard Shirt
Price: $12.00
Beard Oil 4-pack 3oz
Price: $89.97

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