Can Your Beard Oil and Beard Balm Lose Their Scent Over Time?

Of course, most men buy beard care products based on how effective they are at making that facial hair soft, luxurious and healthy, but there’s no shame in paying careful attention to the fragrances either. After all, how we smell has a lot to do with how attractive we are, so it’s understandable that so many men carefully select products that have the best scents.

However, fragrances don’t always last forever, and that’s especially the case if your beard care products aren’t formulated properly. We’re going to be looking into the reasons why your beard care products might be slowly losing their scents, and what you can do about it.

Ingredients Matter

First, it’s important to consider the ingredients from which the fragrances are derived. Typically, fragrances are divided into two categories: natural and synthetic. Natural fragrances are usually made from botanical extracts and essential oils. Synthetic fragrances, meanwhile, usually come from petroleum.

Synthetic fragrances tend to last for a longer amount of time, but the drawback is that many men find that they irritate their skin. Meanwhile, essential oils and other natural fragrances can fade within about two years.

Do You Close Your Products Tightly When You’re Done?

Another thing that affects how long your fragrances last is how the products are stored. Are you closing those lids tightly? If not, the fragrance molecules might evaporate into the air before you’re finished using up all of the product.

Are Your Products High in Quality?

Quality’s another factor to consider when it comes to finding scents that will last. It should go without saying that cheaper formulas will likely not deliver scents that last very long.

Why Your Beard Care Products’ Fragrances Might Fade

Here are some reasons for which this could happen:

The Containers are Cheap

If your beard care products are in cheap containers, there might be little spaces where air is getting in which is causing the fragrance molecules to break down. Therefore, it’s best to go with products that are in extremely high-quality, durable containers.

Other Ingredients are Eating at the Fragrances

Sometimes, another ingredient in your product’s formula actually interferes with the fragrance molecules, causing them to break down and evaporate prematurely.

Your Product is Past its Expiration Date

Of course, it could just be that your product is way past its expiration date. Most fragrances will fade little by little over time, leaving just the natural scent of the product behind. If your product has gone past its expiration date, make sure that you fully inspect the product to make sure that you can still use it on your skin.

Your Product Has Bacteria

The worst reason why that fragrance has faded is because there’s an overgrowth of bacteria in your product. This happens more often with products that come in jars that require you to dip your fingers into the product regularly. If you can, always wash your hands before putting your fingers into a product.

A Nice Scent Matters

If you’re a fragrance junkie, it’s only natural that you want your beard care products to smell amazing forever. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. The good news is that by reading this guide, you’ll have a better idea of what can cause a scent to fade prematurely so that you can make corrections if necessary.

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