Can Your Face Tan If You Have A Fully-Grown Beard?

If you're trying to catch a tan and you also happen to rock a beard, there are some things that you should know. How your face tans depend on many factors. Below, you'll learn everything that there is to know about tanning while having a fully-grown beard.

Maybe you're getting married soon. Or, maybe you plan on shaving your beard and want to make sure that you won't discover an embarrassing tan line as soon as you pull that razor across your face. Regardless of the reason, countless men aren't quite sure how having a beard will affect their ability to catch a tan during the warm summer months.

The reality is that whether your face evenly tans despite having a fully-grown beard depends on several different factors. One of the biggest factors is the thickness and fullness of your beard.

If your beard is incredibly dense because you have thick hair, there's a good chance that the rays from the sun won't be able to seep through to provide you with an even facial tan. If you have thick hair and you're planning on shaving your beard at the end of the summer for an important event like a wedding, it's probably best to avoid tanning to prevent obvious tan lines.

It's also worth noting that having a full beard can protect that portion of your face from sun damage caused by excessive exposure to the sun's rays. If your beard is so thick that you can't see the skin through it, you can be a little laxer when it comes to applying sunscreen to that portion of your face.

If you have fine hair or a patchy, uneven beard, there's a chance that your face will tan in parts of the face that are covered by your beard. Of course, if your beard is patchy, your tan will be patchy as well. However, if that area of your face is covered by an even layer of thin hair, you may find that this area evenly tans. If you have this type of facial hair, it's suggested that you use sunscreen on this area of your face to prevent sun damage.

Lastly, it must be mentioned that your skin type will determine how much you tan overall. If you have fair skin, it's possible that you'll simply catch a sunburn instead of that bronze glow that you're after.

As you can see, a variety of factors will determine whether your face will tan through your beard. However, regardless of your beard type, it's important to take the necessary precautions to avoid sun damage caused by the harsh rays of the sun.

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