Cleaning a Shaving Brush Properly

Most men spend a lot of time caring for their razor but neglect the needs of their shaving brush. It turns out that keeping that brush properly cleaned is extremely important, both for its ability to work properly and the health of your skin. Luckily, cleaning that brush is a piece of cake, as you’ll see.

Bacteria Can Develop and Lead to Skin Problems

Anything that touches your face regularly needs to be very clean, or else bacteria can get into the pores of your skin and lead to acne and other unwanted issues. Because your brush spends so much time sitting on a shelf or your sink counter, it can develop a whole lot of bacteria.

Buildup Can Interfere with the Brush’s Functionality

If your shaving brush has a lot of buildup from excess soap or shaving cream, the bristles will start to bind together, which means that your brush can’t fulfill its duty properly. And, it will only get worse over time.

Certain Ingredients in Shaving Products Can Slowly Damage the Natural Bristles

If you’re letting soap or shaving cream sit on your brush for a long period of time, it’s possible that certain ingredients in those products can eat away at the bristles. Natural bristles are more prone to damage than synthetic ones because they’re less tolerant to certain harsh ingredients.

How to Clean Your Shaving Brush Properly

Now that you know why your brush needs to be cleaned regularly, it’s time to explain the proper way to go about it. First, it’s important to determine how frequently you should clean that brush. Most men can get away with doing a deep clean once each month based on how often they shave. However, it’s suggested that each time before you shave, you run the brush under warm water and use your fingers to dislodge any buildup.

When doing a deep clean, warm water is key as this will help break up any buildup. Now, we strongly suggest mixing that warm water with either white vinegar or makeup brush cleaner, both of which can be found in most drug stores.

Create a solution of one-part water and one part vinegar of makeup brush cleaner and pour it into a bowl. Now, allow the brush to be submerged in that solution for about fifteen minutes. Then, run the brush under warm water and use your fingers to aggressively scrub away any buildup.

Cleaning Your Shaving Brush Regularly is Crucial

Failing to do so can leave you with a lackluster shaving experience as well as unwanted skin issues. Follow this guide and stay on top of your cleaning schedule so that your brush continues to work properly for a long time to come.

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