Could Applying Too Much Beard Oil Cause Beard Coloring to Fade?

We all go gray sooner or later, and lots of guys who end up with a graying beard decide to dye it. It’s not uncommon for our beard to go gray before the hair on the head, so it makes sense that a lot of men find that coloring their beard is the best option. Hair is colored by melanin, a pigment naturally produced by the body. There are several factors that can cause the body to stop producing melanin, such as aging, stress, genetics, poor health, etc. which means that your hairs will lose their pigmentation. The color of gray hair is actually what your hair looks like without its pigmentation.

Dyeing one’s beard can be a bit of a tedious process, so it’s no surprise that guys want to make sure that the color lasts for as long as possible. These days, you can find a wide range of beard dye products that are easy to use and work extremely well. In fact, you can find beard coloring products in most drug stores. Simply match the color of the dye to the hair on your head and you’re good to go. Many products come with touch-up brushes so that you can always stay on top of those grays.

However, if you have a long history of bleaching or color-stripping your beard, you may end up depleting it of melanin which can then lead to grayness. But, for many men, melanin production eventually comes back after ceasing to use those coloring products.

Anyway, it’s understandable that many bearded men ask us if our beard oils, or any beard oils for that matter, will cause their color to fade. So, we’ll be answering that question thoroughly, because as you will soon see, the answer might be quite surprising.

Can Beard Oil Fade Your Beard Coloring?

So, where does the idea that beard oil can strip away color come from, anyway? Well, there are products out there that do strip away color, such as certain shampoos, and with beard oil being intended for daily use, guys probably just want to make sure that something they use so frequently won’t interfere with their dyeing routine.

However, the good news is that it’s highly unlikely that this would occur. In fact, it’s likely that beard oil does just the opposite – in other words, it probably preserves the dye for a longer period of time.

See, beard oil coats each strand, protecting it against environmental damage that can strip away the cuticle layer. This means that there’s an extra layer of protection covering that dye, which decreases the chances that it will get stripped away.

Also, beard oil keeps your beard adequately moisturized:

  • A moisturized beard is more likely to hang onto the dye that you’ve applied, because it helps strengthen the bond between the molecules.
  • A dry beard is more likely to lose its color, because it loses its ability to hang onto the dye molecules.

We can confidently say, you really do not need to worry about that daily beard application taking away your color.

Continue Using Beard Oil For an Awesome and Healthy Looking Beard

Well fellas, as you can see, there is just no need to worry that your daily beard oil application will strip away the color you’ve used to conceal those pesky grays. If anything, sticking with a daily beard oil routine can help keep that color lasting longer. So, keep using your favorite Texas Beard Company Beard Oil formula, because it’s probably helping you.

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