Five Great Costume Ideas for Men with Beards

Halloween is soon approaching, and everyone will face the tough choice of what costume to wear. For many people, the choice will come easily. They can just choose a popular character they like, or go with a generic store-bought costume of one of the popular archetypes such as a witch, doctor, nurse, or devil. However, others who have specific physical attributes, such as facial hair, will have to choose costumes that work with their own appearance. Men with beards must deal with this problem lest they shave off their beards specifically for Halloween. For those that wish to keep their beard, there are many costume ideas that will make the beard a great asset. Quite a few popular characters have beards, and having a real beard to go with the costume will make one stand out. Here are some great costume ideas for men with beards.

Tom Hanks from "Castaway"
Castaway was quite a popular movie starring Tom Hanks as a man lost on a deserted island for a long period of time. During this time, his character grows a beard. While this costume requires little clothing, there are props such as Wilson the volleyball which will make this look iconic. It is certainly a costume that will easily be recognizable and be admired by a lot of people.

Heisenburg or Walter White from Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad, though already finished airing, is still quite relevant in pop culture, making this a costume choice that is bound to be a hit. There are several variations of this character that could be done, such as Walter White wearing a hazmat suit, the top hat version, or to be a little more risqué, the infamous image of the pants-less Walter White in the Breaking Bad promos. These alterations will be recognized even by casual fans of the series as this character is very iconic.

Silent Bob from Clerks
The costume for the cult character is quite simple and needs only a few items to assemble. A long trench coat, a backwards baseball cap, and the optional cigarette as a prop will make this costume complete. A friend can tag along as Jay, Silent Bob's partner in crime to complete the famous duo. Armed with quotes and references from the movies, this costume is sure to be quite a hit. To really stay in character, you could try not to speak, as Silent Bob is known for being a man of few words.

A leprechaun
Sometimes an archetypal costume is the way to go. A leprechaun is a classic costume choice and a real beard will only make the costume more authentic. This costume can be make unique in many ways, from carrying around a prop pot of gold or perhaps a rainbow made from cardboard. You can choose a specific leprechaun, such as the one from the Lucky Charms box, or just go for a unique take on this mythical character. A fun idea would be to hand out golden wrapped chocolate coins to party goers or passersby to live up to the leprechaun name.

Alan from The Hangover
The final choice is another iconic character from a classic movie that anyone is sure to recognize. Alan from the Hangover is known for his trademark beard, sunglasses and baby strapped to his chest. This costume is also quite simple, require only a simple pair of jeans, t-shirt, glasses and a baby doll prop. With a few friends, you can dress up as the main cast of the movie for the full effect.

These costumes all make great costumes for men with beards of varying lengths. Halloween will be that much easier and fun if you choose one of these excellent costumes.

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