Getting Ready for the Bearded 2019 NFL Season

For millions of men across the country, the end of summer is bittersweet. It means that we can no longer spend all day outdoors with our best buds, enjoying beer after beer while savoring the warm weather. But it also means that our favorite pastime is about to dominate our weekends once again. That’s right – we’re talking about football.

As you prepare to watch the 2019 NFL season, we want you to pay close attention to something. We’re not talking about the game itself, but the exquisite beards that top NFL players are rocking these days. We’re pretty blown away by the incredible facial hair that we’re seeing on our favorite players this season, and we’re pretty sure that you will be too.

If you’re in need of some inspiration in the facial hair department, this list is for you. We’ve listed the top five beards in the NFL. All of these beards are unique and fabulous in their own ways, and we’re certain that you’ll feel inspired by all of them.

#5: Jason Kelce (Philadelphia Eagles, C)

Jason Kelce has enjoyed several seasons as a top NFL player, and he’s definitely a big key to the Eagles’ success. Kelce’s beard is perhaps just as impressive as his football career, and it seems to have gotten longer and more luxurious as time has gone on. His beard also looks extremely healthy, which makes us think that he devotes a good amount of time and attention to maintaining that glorious facial hair of his.

Do you want a beautiful, robust beard like Kelce’s? Luckily for you, it’s really not that hard to pull off. What’s most important is that you’re willing to allow it to grow. His beard is pretty thick and long, so you’ll need some patience. While it’s growing, make sure that you hydrate it regularly with a nourishing beard oil, and trim those ends from time to time.

#4: Mark Ingram (Baltimore Ravens, RB)

Another fabulous beard in the NFL belongs to Mark Ingram superstar. His beard is unique in that it’s not incredibly full – in fact, it’s a little patchy – but he makes it work, and he maintains that effortless bearded look extremely well.

This is yet another beard that’s extremely easy to achieve. Once again, it’s mostly a matter of having patience while it grows in. The good thing about this beard is that it can work even if your hair is extremely fine. Just make sure that you trim it as needed so that it keeps its shape. This isn’t about having a perfectly tidy and neat beard, so you don’t have to go crazy with the styling products. However, proper hydration is a must if you want your facial hair to feel smooth.

#3: Odell Beckham Jr. (Cleveland Browns, WR)

Who doesn’t love OBJ? His enthralling personality has turned him into a superstar both on and off the field. What helps add to his distinctive persona is his impeccable style, both in terms of how he dresses and how he styles his hair and beard. Beckham’s platinum locks have certainly earned him a lot of attention, but what we’re most impressed by is that glorious beard that he rocks so effortlessly.

One thing that makes Odell’s beard so unique is the fact that it’s extremely full on the bottom. While most men keep everything very short on that neckline, he allows the fullness to be concentrated in that area. It lengthens his face, which works for his face shape. If you want to try this look, let the beard grow a little beyond the neckline and keep things nice and full. Then, keep things evenly and neatly shaped on the face.

#2: Ryan Fitzpatrick (Miami Dolphins, QB)

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a fixture of the Dolphins, and we love his lumberjack aesthetic that translates both on and off the field. His beard is extremely long compared to his fellow teammates, and it definitely fits his persona and complements his overall vibe. His beard has gotten longer over the years, and he balances this look out with very shortly trimmed hair.

If you want to grow a long lumberjack-style beard like Fitzpatrick, allow it to grow for several months. Yes, it really will take that long. During the growing stage, keep your facial hair healthy with a daily application of beard oil. And, every few weeks, trim away the split ends so that the hair continues to look smooth and neat. Otherwise, it can look frazzled and damaged, which is never a good look, whether you’re a football hero or an average joe.

#1: Eric Weddle (Los Angeles Rams, Safety)

Perhaps the most unique beard we’ve seen in the NFL belongs to Rams player Eric Weddle. His beard works perfectly for his facial hair type, which is coarse and thick. Despite the fact that his beard isn’t super long, it looks incredibly full because of that natural thickness. So, basically, this is a great style for anyone who has naturally coarse and thick facial hair.

One thing that’s worth pointing out is that Weddle’s beard is extremely well-groomed. He clearly shapes and trims it regularly and makes sure that his hair is just as tidy. So, if you want to go for this style, be prepared to devote a solid amount of time to maintaining it regularly.

Additionally, any man who has coarse and thick beard hair needs to put extra effort into keeping things moisturized. Use a beard oil at least once each day to keep those strands smooth rather than frizzy.

The Opening Bearded Kickoff

Now that football season is about to begin, we’re all getting excited to root for out favorite teams. But, while we do that, let’s root for our favorite beards as well. Better yet, let’s use these beards as inspiration for when we’re ready to try out a new look.

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