Gray Blending Beards: A Trend That’s Growing

While many men fear the day when their beard becomes completely gray, today's beard care market offers many different options that can help facial hair retain a relatively youthful appearance. Although a good amount of men prefer to dye their beards in order to completely cover up gray hairs, more and more men are instead opting for gray blending.

If you have just recently started noticing that your beard is starting to gray, gray blending might be the best option for you. This relatively easy, highly effective method can provide your beard with a look that's most suitable for your age and overall appearance.

What is Gray Blending?

Gray blending is a dyeing method that's intended for men who have gray hairs in their beard. While traditional dyes provide complete coverage over gray hairs, gray blending is a unique method that allows some gray to show through.

Gray blending is ideal for men who want to look their age without having a beard that's completely gray. Most gray blending procedures involve using a small comb that has dye in it. The comb is used throughout the beard, resulting in a "salt and pepper" look that is extremely natural.

You do not have to go to a salon in order to gray blend your beard. There are several high-quality gray blending products that you can buy in places where regular hair dye is sold. However, if you're worried about your dyeing skills, a barber or hairstylist can provide you with the flawless look that you desire.

Why is Gray Blending So Popular?

Now that you have a better idea of gray blending bearding, here are some reasons why it has continued to grow in popularity.

Looks More Natural and Realistic

As men age, their skin begins to change as well as the color of their hair. For many men, completely dyeing a gray beard just doesn't look realistic as it conflicts with the signs of aging that appear on the face. Gray blending is a way to keep a beard looking younger yet natural.

Looks More Distinguished

Some of the most distinguished men in history rocked that "salt and pepper" look. That's why gray blending is such a popular option among men of all ages. There is something about that subtle gray color peeking through that makes a man look more worldly and successful.

Doesn't Make the Man Look Like He is Trying Too Hard

Sometimes, it is obvious that a man is dyeing his beard. If he looks a little too old to have a beard that's free of any grays, people might think that he's trying too hard to look younger than he is. Gray blending looks so natural that most people will never be able to tell that he's using a dyeing product.

Embrace the Gray!

If you want to embrace your age without having to see a fully gray beard in the mirror each day, gray blending is the way to go. And, after doing so, make sure to keep it looking styled and simply well-groomed with beard oil and beard balm products available at Texas Beard Company.

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