How Come My Beard Isn't the Same Color as My Hair?

The fact that you have red hair growing in your beard does not make you an anomaly. Chances are pretty good that the hair on your body will vary from that on your head. These differences are based on science, even though they may seem to be random to us.

There are many cool things about hair, one of which gives you an incredible insight into just what a magnificent body we have. Check out the hair on your body. As you can see, each area has its distinct characteristics. Variations in colors and textures are possible.

In some cases, the hair of men, especially their beards, may not match the other parts of their bodies. Everything is based on science. Color differences are a common question that many people wonder about. Here are some things you should know about it.


With time, your hair tends to change. Over your lifetime, you may experience multiple changes in the color of your hair, as opposed to just going gray. In addition, it can also become lighter or darker over time. Moreover, its texture can fluctuate as well as whether it’s straight or wavy. As you go through different stages in your life, you will have different types of hair on your body. It is pretty challenging to change this situation since it isn't much you can do.


It is necessary to take a look at your hair follicles to see what is occurring. An open follicle is where hair grows. In these follicles, there are two kinds of pigment. During the growth phase, your follicles contain a variety of pigments. In the first place, there is eumelanin, which gives color to brown or black shades. This second pigment is called pheomelanin, and it’s reddish-blonde in color.

The hair follicles of everyone contain a minimal amount of pheomelanin in some people, such as those with very dark brown hair or those with black hair. The darker color of eumelanin covers it. The fact that some people have brown hair with some blond tones to it is not uncommon either. Here's the eumelanin making its way through.


Here we are again, back to the subject we were discussing. Why does your hair look different on one part of your body compared to another part? Men often have beards that are in total contrast to their hair in terms of color. In this case, it is because you have various colors and textures in your hair follicles. The majority of your hair follicles produce dark hair, so you have some of those hair follicles.

Please take a moment to consider our entire body when thinking about hair. Your eyebrow hair is undoubtedly the darkest in the bunch, so that you might notice that as well. These follicles are the ones with the greatest pigmentation. It is for this reason that they are the most colorful. The same is true for your beard as well. As you can see, the color here is different from the color on your head.


This is a whole different kind of hair that is growing in the beard. Those hairs are known as androgenic hairs. It is more often than not the hair that shows up around puberty. Those are the hairs that can be found on your private parts. There is a relationship between its thickness and the way it feels, which is determined by hormones called androgens that change during puberty.

This type of hair grows at a different rate from the other hair on your body. There is a chance that you will notice that your hair grows much more quickly on your leg than it does on your arm. Also, that is a perfectly natural thing to happen. There is no difference in the process when it comes to hair, but the time lapses between each stage set this apart.

Blonde hair results from a low eumelanin level, paired with a high yellow pheomelanin factor. You might see red hairs at random and sometimes patches of dark hair since different hair follicles produce other colored hairs. It is essential to understand that stress, malnutrition, and natural pigment can affect your hair color.

Men with grey hairs or lackluster, dull hair could be doing themselves a disservice by not taking the right vitamins. There is, however, one major factor contributing to the change in color of our hair, and that is the sun. When your hair gets overexposed to the light, it will end up becoming weak as a result of lightning.

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