How to Get Your Beard Ready for the Summertime

The summertime is when most of us are fully active socially, and so we want to make sure that this time of year is when we look our best. That includes taking extra care of our beards.

Summer, unsurprisingly, can be a difficult time for bearded guys. With beard sweat at an all-time high and humidity and heat getting in the way of maintaining a tame and tidy appearance, many of us have to take extra steps to make sure we look good.

Time for a Trim

First, if you haven’t done so in a while, it is time to trim your beard. Many of us get lazy during the colder months and allow it to grow, especially if we are the type to stay inside and socially hibernate. But, if a beard is not trimmed regularly, split ends and damage are almost inevitable. Besides, a nice trim gives us a more attractive look that we want when we are out and about during the summer months.

Heavier Products May Be Necessary

Due to the high humidity of the summer months, guys with thicker or curlier beard hair may need to use some heavier products each day to prevent frizz from becoming an issue. This is the time of year when many bearded guys use a beard balm in addition to their daily application of beard oil. Because balm contains waxes and plant butters, it’s more effective at keeping strands tame and in place no matter how humid it is outside.

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

We know that the winter months are associated with dryness, due to the lack of moisture in the air that zaps hydration out of our precious strands. But, summertime can be quite drying as well when it comes to our facial hair, mostly due to the heat. Further, frizz is usually a sign that your hair is dry. So, you might find yourself wanting to double up on beard oil this time of year to ensure that your beard is properly hydrated.

Keep Your Beard Clean

With the increased heat comes increased sweat. And, if you have a beard, that sweat can evaporate more slowly on your skin, which can lead to an increase in clogged pores that eventually take the form of pimples and blackheads. So, when the weather warms up, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t slack on the beard wash or beard soap.

Once you start feeling beard itch, or your beard starts to look greasy or dull, it is time for a cleansing session. How often you should wash your beard ultimately depends on the thickness of your facial hair as well as the size of your beard, but most guys find that once every couple of days is adequate.

Show-Off That Amazing Summertime Beard!

When summer is just around the corner, get ahead of the curve and prepare your beard for the hot months that are before us. Luckily, getting a summer-ready beard does not require all that much effort. At Texas Beard Company, we offer all of the products you need to keep your facial hair happy and healthy all year round.

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