How to Properly Appraise Your Beard Style

How do you find the right bearded look that best fits your overall appearance? Some men prefer to follow trends but finding that an ideal style may not be exactly the "in thing", and that is perfectly acceptable. Some guys prefer the beard that best suits their jawline. However, it is best to look for a style that best represents the overall vibe you want to project. Are you trying to make your own personal style statement? You most likely are desiring a beard style that matches your facial features as well as lifestyle.

Either way, we will help you explore some of the different possibilities you have to choose from.


Your beard is one of the many ways you get to express yourself, so you may prefer to change the style up here and there. Fortunately, there are plenty of beard styles to choose from. Are you aiming for that mysterious look, or maybe even perhaps you're leaning more towards the professional look?


Your hairstyle, shoulder width, facial features, the vibe you want to give off and your own personal style has a lot to do with the beard style you'll ultimately end up on choosing.

Type of Look

Now, this is where it gets interesting and fun at the same time.

Mysterious or Metropolitan Look

Are you looking for a mysterious look, or even a metropolitan style? Many guys who prefer this style have broad shoulders, but even if you don’t, you may still like this beard.

Rugged Rebel Look

Do you have square or imposing facial features? The "Rugged Rebel" look may just be what you're looking for! This style is between a medium and long stubble, although a full beard would do the trick as well. B This is the perfect handsome stranger look! This beard style goes best with a longer hair style that is a bit wild.

Athletic or Outdoorsy Look

Perhaps you are looking for an athletic or outdoorsy look? This style goes best with broad shoulders as well as square and imposing facial features. The "Wild Explorer" is the perfect beard style for someone who likes to hike, or just be outside in general. This style looks best for a younger face and/or blue eyes. This beard style is also perfect for a lumberjack. Can be obtained by growing your beard anywhere from a medium stubble to as long as you can possibly grow it! A short hairstyle also looks good with this style; however, long hair fits it perfectly!

Dapper Look

You have a youthful as well as a friendly face and your vibe is fun? The perfect beard style for you is something like the "Dapper Youth". This is a beard that is short and well taken care of. It outlines your cheek, jaw, and neck lines. Perfect for someone with a boyish face and a naughty grin. You are aiming for a longer mustache with a short beard and a stylish short to medium length hair cut. This style can go with a businessman, rock star, or an actor.

Your Beard Style Has Everything to Do with Who You are and How You Look

Everyone has a unique style, and most men will put a twist on the beard/mustache look they go for as to add their own signature look. The beard style you choose is what many people use to define your vibe even before they know you. Each style goes with different lifestyles, fashion sense and one’s personality. You may choose a short style such as a stubble or even an extremely long style such as a caveman look. In fact, you may even choose to try everything in between them.

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