How to Really Turn Up the Bearded Volume: 3 Simple Habits to Get Into

Nobody wants to go through the months of patience, waiting, more patience, and maintenance it requires to grow a beard, only to then have it looking flat or thin. Before running out and spending an unnecessary amount of money on beard products, stop and get to know your beard and the few simple steps you can take to help it reach its full potential without breaking the bank.

It's All About Beard Respect

Respecting your beard's needs and taking a few considerations into your daily beard ritual will leave you with a more glorious, thicker, and fuller beard. You have made it this far and there is still a wonderful road ahead for you and your beard. Taking the time to get to know and respect your beard's natural process can help you to maximize its potential without falling into the trap of having to take out a second mortgage so you can keep on spending money on beard products. All you and your beard need is time together.

So, increasing the volume of your beard is absolutely necessary. And, with all that now being said, here are a few simple methods that can help the thickness of your fierce beard, only if, you’re willing to put in the time and effort your beard deserves. Also, each of these habits goes well with you applying beard oil and beard balm, either before or afterwards.

#1: Trimming

This can be a little painful at times, as no one wants to feel that their hurting their beard. Don't look at it as a massacre, look at it as chopping off anything that your beard does not need. Swapping out the electric buzzers for the classic silver scissors to trim off dead ends can have significant benefits. It prevents your beard's ends from splitting and gives it an even cut. Not only does trimming prevent split ends and increase volume, but it also actually makes your beard less likely to lose volume or hair. Adding this to your ritual will help keep your beard on top of its game.

#2: Combing/Brushing

Your beard is a work of art and should be treated as so. Adding combing or brushing to your daily beard routine will not only allow you to give it the appreciation and attention it deserves but adds extra volume as it helps create more space between the hairs which ends up making it look much fuller. Things to consider when combing/brushing is that it is best to comb down in one fluid motion, and for those more seasoned at beard combing techniques, there is that technique of combing it upward a bit to give it a bit of that extra fluff it wants. You know your beard better than anyone, take the time to get to know it and what combing patterns helps to make it stand out.

#3: Wash and Condition Correctly

This has to be the most crucial aspect of keeping your beard full and magnificent. People often tend to neglect the importance of their hair's natural oils, some neglecting it all together. There are an infinite amount of different products for your beard that can send you on a vicious cycle of needing more and more products to maintain it because they strip your beard of its natural oils making it further require you to replace them with chemical conditioners. Forget that, your beard is there to be its glorious self, not to make anyone money. Start with only washing your beard every few days and using a type of castile soap or cleansing conditioner when you do. Doing so cleanses your beard without stripping it of any of its natural oils and greatness.

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