Is Beard Braiding Becoming the New Trend Amongst Bearded Men?

Have you noticed that more guys are braiding their beards? Well, as you’ve probably figured out by now, this is in fact a growing trend, and quite honestly, we’re here for it. After all, if we can braid the hair on our heads, why can’t we do the same with the hair that we grow on our faces?

The Growing Trend of Braiding One’s Beard

You might think that braiding one’s beard is something that’s totally new, but it’s anything but. Many indigenous tribes around the world have been braiding their beards for at least a number of centuries, and besides that, some of our all-time favorite musicians have rocked the look as a way to make a serious statement.

But, how did this look start? Well, we can’t answer that question specifically because like most trends that take over the internet, it’s really hard to trace trend back to its origins. What we can guess is that it was a natural development following the lumberjack beard trend. In the last couple of years, it’s been more and more popular to grow extremely long and thick beards. Therefore, as a result, guys have been able to experiment with braiding their beards as long beards have been in style at last.

Now, if you look around the internet, you’ll find that a lot of bearded guys are finding ways to make this trend their own. One thing that we absolutely love is the French braid look, as it helps maintain the natural thickness and fullness of a beard while giving it a really unique appearance. We’re also seeing guys create multiple braids within their beard, which creates a more urban look. Then, we’re noticing some seriously intricate braid work that rivals that of ornate, hairstyles worn by women attending formal events.

Considering how fast the trend is growing, we can’t wait to see how it evolves over the next year or so. If there’s one thing that we love coming across, it’s guys who find ways to take beard trends to a whole new level by putting their unique touch on their facial hair style.

Beard Braiding, Step by Step

Below is how to properly braid your beard so that it looks great and lasts.

Step #1: First, comb your beard thoroughly. If your facial hair is tangled, your braids will look sloppy and uneven.

Step #2: Now, apply your beard oil as you do normally each day. A beard that’s properly moisturized will allow for smoother-looking braids, which is what we want.

Step #3: Next, apply a beard balm evenly throughout your beard. The right amount depends on the length and thickness level of your beard. We want the beard balm to help the braid hold, but we don’t want so much product that the beard ends up looking greasy.

Step #4: Now, the braiding process can begin. There are so many different ways to braid your beard that you’ll probably want to do some research beforehand. Find a look that appeals to you and use it as your inspiration. If you have particularly thick facial hair, you may want to use some clear elastics at the end of each braid to keep it in place.

Final Step: Now that your beard is braided, you’ll want to make sure that those braids stay in place. Resist the temptation to touch your newly braided beard, as this could cause the braids to come undone and develop a frizzy appearance. You can decide if you wish to keep the braids overnight or take them out at the end of the day.

Braid Away!

Given how quickly the beard-braiding trend is spreading, we won’t be surprised if we see this look everywhere by the time summer rolls around. If you want to get in on the trend, you will be in good company. And, it just may keep your beard nice and cool during the hot months ahead.

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