Just How Frequently Should You Wash Your Beard?

How and When to Wash Your Beard

In the past few years, having a beard has become an exceedingly more popular style for men everywhere. While a beard has always been a classic look, the variety of styles have made the beard a good way for men to express their personal style. Styles can vary from a short to long stubble beard, a full beard, ducktail beard, goatee or extended goatee, or a creative style like the Garibaldi or Verdi beard.

When growing a beard or changing your style it can be easy for your beard to become unclean or to cause issues with the skin underneath. A few simple steps and the use of the right products can keep you from having issues with your beard that can cause you annoyance or hinder you from gaining that great style you’re aiming for.

Knowing When to Wash Your Beard
Your beard is as unique as you are. From the length, style, hair texture and your own skin type, when you need to wash will vary from person to person. While many people are lucky enough to simply wash their beard while they are in the shower, many people will need washing outside of that to keep beard clean and growing strong.

If your beard is longer or more product-infused than a standard short beard, washing your face thoroughly in the morning and in the evening, is key to maintaining a healthy, full beard. You don’t need much more than a simple wash with a product made from high quality ingredients such as those from Texas Beard Company. Simply splash some warm water on, wash your beard gently and rinse. Always use warm water, too hot of water can irritate the skin below. Make sure you have a clean towel handy, and that you gently pat your beard fully dry. Particles from a dirty towel or pillow can often get trapped in a damp beard after cleaning. You can even buy beard washes made specifically to be used before sleep such as Night Cap Organic Beard Wash.

If you have a longer or fuller beard, you should consider adding a beard conditioner to your style regimen. Beard oils are also an excellent way to keep your beard healthy and a variety of scents can add an extra flair to your beard game.

There are also special circumstances that may cause you to need to wash your beard more frequently or in a different manner. Men that exercise heavily will accumulate salt from their sweat in and underneath their beard and should make sure to wash gently as soon after vigorous exercise as possible. Additionally, if you live in a particularly cold, warm or humid climate your beard will be affected by the weather. This typically occurs in the skin beneath the beard and products like these can help your particular needs.

Beard Grooming and Accessories

Along with a variety of products for your beards, it is essential to have the proper tools to keep your beard looking great and well maintained. Trimmers, brushes and combs made just for beards are a great way to give you the ability to maintain your polished look every day.

Your beard should reflect your personal style and the goals you have for the look of your facial hair. It's important to remember that simply using your shampoo often won't be enough to maintain that look. When selecting a beard wash look for organic ingredients and products that don't have any hard chemicals or strong scents that can cause issues with the skin underneath your beard. You also want to make sure your beard wash is formulated specifically for beards so that you know you get the top-quality attention your beard deserves!

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