Keep Your Beard Cool in the August Heat

Don't let the heat of August fool you. It is still possible to keep your full beard in the hot or humid temperatures of summer. This guide will show you the steps necessary to keep your beard cool all year long.

First and foremost, it is good to adapt and keep a good beard-care regimen. Not only will this keep your beard looking healthy, but also keep the rest of your skin clear and refreshed. Always keep your beard trimmed and cleaned up around the edges so that there are no unnecessarily stray hairs. When you are in the shower, remember to shampoo and condition your beard just like you would the rest of your hair. You can even choose special beard shampoos and washes that are specifically meant for your beard.

You can then dry and brush out your beard to tame the hairs. During this time, you can see if you need to do any trimming to keep hairs in their place. Finally, choose a soothing beard oil or beard balm from Texas Beard Company. In the summer, it might be nice to choose a beard oil that has a more cooling effect. Whereas, in the winter, you might choose a stronger muskier beard oil.

As with any other time during the summer, it is imperative to stay well hydrated. Especially in the hot and humid August temperatures, make sure to drink plenty of water. Not only will this keep the rest of your body happy, but it will also work to hydrate your skin and beard hair. When your beard is well-hydrated, it is less prone to breakage, flaking, or dry skin underneath. This means that the beard will keep itself cool, and your face will be less irritated with the heat.

Believe it or not, your beard may act as a shield against the heat, because it does not allow the sun to penetrate through the hair onto the rest of your face. In addition, it allows for air flow, and a cooling evaporative effect. So, you may benefit from having a moderate beard on your face.

With these tips, you may still be feeling the harsh August heat. Don't worry, you can always trim your board down to a more manageable length while still maintaining the style. When you go in for your regular haircut, you can always ask for your beard to be trimmed to around a 2 length. This will still allow you to have a bearded hairstyle, if you cannot escape from the summer heat. As fall approaches, you can then start to grow out your beard to its former glory and embrace the winter.

The Yeard

So, if you're half-way through you year-long beard, a.k.a. yeard, don't stop now. Just use the above tips to keep your beard summer ready. First, make sure your beard is always trimmed and free of unkempt hairs. Next, practice good skincare that includes caring for your beard and staying hydrated. If all else fails, you can keep it at a slightly shorter length without despairing. These tips should help you through the August heat without sacrificing your much-loved beard.

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