Keeping That Full Beard Looking Right!

With various studies available to us as to why a man might grow a beard, we are still left hanging as to how to keep that beard full and healthy! Certainly, men also invest a lot of effort in maintaining their beards, just like their female counterparts who share an equally excruciating routine to keep their hair healthy and growing. As counter-intuitive as this may sound, men must trim that beard as many times, to keep it growing. Just like our scalp hair, the beard requires proper nourishment, washing with shampoos and perhaps, some grooming with essential oils as well. Every beard-grower must be equipped with essentials such as: shampoo, beard trimmer, clipper, barber scissors, comb, and beard moisturizer, and a high protein diet.

After growing your beard straight for 4 to 6 weeks, start adding frequent trims to your routine. Before trimming the beard, comb your hair into one direction, including the mustache. Comb thoroughly from top to bottom (including inside-out). Keep the beard dry before cutting, this ensures you don’t chop off extra length since wet hair can be deceptive. Cut along the hair outside the comb teeth, this makes sure you get most of the miscellaneous hair out. Always make sure you’re able to the maintain the size of the beard from both sides. Start from one ear and trim all the way down, then continue down from the other ear. Side trims help the beard grow fuller with less coarse hairs growing disharmoniously.

While using high quality beard trimmers, you can adjust the trimming guide. This gives you more control over how closely you want to trim the beard. An optimal setting is to keep it adjusted to longer beard length setting for starters. If you’re using clippers or scissors, always go for a professional pair. These tools require much precision.

While trimming mustache, start from the middle and trim to the left/right and then repeat the step to trim the other side.

Once you’ve given your beard a shape that compliments your face, maintain that look. Keep the neckline of your beard well defined, this adds a neat and fresh look to your beard.

What comes next is nourishing your beard to make it thick. Avoid exposing your beard to chemicals. Increase your intake of proteins. Incorporate eggs, milk, leafy greens and some meat into your diet. Beards take a whole lot of energy to grow, just like scalp hair. Use beard oils from Texas Beard Company at least a few times a week. Apply a little amount of oil overnight and gently press the beard together. Avoid hard massages. One of the best way to enrich your beard with nutrients is also by keeping it clean (this also helps avoid itchiness). Wash your beard with a small amount of mild shampoo, as stronger ones can irritate the skin. You can use a conditioner, since beard hair are coarse but make sure your beard is thoroughly rinsed after using it. Any conditioner left behind will make the beard flaky.

With a good amount of fuel and maintenance, your beard is even more likely to appear healthy, thick and long. If you are truly committed, you can pull this off in a course of few months! Even during the process, your beard will appear well maintained and attractive.

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