Keeping Up with Your Daily Bearded Maintenance as You Head into a New Year

Most of our bearded customers know that they have to maintain a daily beard care routine if they want their facial hair to be in the best shape possible. Still, you might be thinking to yourself. How long do you spend on your daily beard care routine? Are you rushing through the process in order to get to work on time? Or, are you really taking your time and enjoying each step of the regimen as a form of self-care? If there’s one thing that we get asked a lot, it’s how often a man should spend taking care of his facial hair each day. Specifically, what that daily beard care routine should consist of, and how much time it should take.

Now, what you do during your beard care routine matters a lot, because if you want to keep your facial hair as healthy and soft as can be, you have to follow each step properly.

How Long Should it Take to Maintain Your Beard Each Day?

Well, it depends. Every guy’s beard is unique, with some longer than others, some thicker than others and some being more naturally dry than others. This means that each guy requires different amounts of time and effort when it comes to his daily routine. Longer, thicker and drier beards naturally take a bit more time because they have more surface area and more nourishment.

Instead of wondering how long your beard care routine should take overall, use this guide below to have a general idea of how long each step should take. Give or take based on the length, thickness and needs of your beard.

#1: Washing Your Beard

There are two options to this:

Option #1: Most men don’t need to wash their beard each day. You should wash your beard whenever it feels dirty and oily, which for most men is twice a week. It should take about one minute to thoroughly massage the beard wash into your beard, and another 30 seconds to rinse it, give or take.

Option #2: However, for some men, cleansing is a very important and often overlooked. You should cleanse your beard however frequently you wash the hair on your head. Unclean facial hair won’t just look greasy and unsightly, but that buildup of grime will prevent the necessary moisturizing products from getting beneath the surface of the cuticle. Spend a good minute working that cleanser into your beard, and another 30 seconds thoroughly rinsing it out.

#2: Applying Beard Oil

The key to applying beard oil is massaging it in long enough for the formula to almost completely absorb into the hair and face. For most men, this takes about 60 seconds.

#3: Applying Beard Balm

Not every guy applies beard balm, but if you’re looking for a secondary boost of moisture, you should. Like beard oil, beard balm should take about a minute to massage into the facial hair.

#4: Brushing or Combing Your Beard

For most men, the last step is combing or brushing. This is where the timing can vary in a number of ways. There is no exact length of time it should take, because it all depends on length, thickness and the way in which your beard naturally tangles.

Every Man’s Beard is Different and Has Its Own Unique Needs

Overall, as you can see, there is no exact length of time that’s suitable for every man to spend maintaining his beard each day. Use this article as a general guide for how much time and effort you should devote to each step of the process. And, remember that the products at Texas Beard Company can take your daily beard regimen to the next level with expertly crafted, all-natural formulas.

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