Letting Your Beard Breathe

When’s the last time your beard got a chance to breathe? Many of us underestimate the importance of airflow when it comes to healthy beard maintenance. However, the truth is that if your beard and the skin beneath it isn’t getting proper air circulation, a variety of issues can occur.

By covering the importance of letting your beard breathe, while also giving you some tips to prevent poor airflow from causing issues that affect both your skin and your facial hair, you will be able to have a strong, thick, and full beard. Plus, this can be a sign of health, vitality, and masculinity.

Why Your Beard Needs Fresh Air

#1: Skin Conditions Can Occur When There’s Poor Air Circulation

If your beard is constantly covered up, or your beard is so thick that no air can get into the space between the facial hair and the skin, you may end up with some type of skin issue eventually. When there’s a lack of circulation, the pores can get clogged, or a fungal infection can occur. What complicates the issue further is the fact that the face can sweat beneath the beard, allowing for a moist environment in which bacteria and fungus can thrive.

#2: Follicles Can Get Clogged, Causing Beard Hair Loss and Ingrown Hairs

Without good airflow, beard sweat can cause the hair follicles to get clogged. Clogged hair follicles can lead to extremely painful ingrown hairs, and it can also cause hair loss as the follicles are not able to breathe.

How to Let Your Beard Breathe

So, how can you maintain good airflow when it comes to your beard? Simply follow the tips below.

Tip #1: Avoid Too Much Product

Product is important, but too much product can cause problems. If you’re slathering your beard in so much beard oil and beard balm that it looks greasy and weighed down, you’re doing it wrong. Not only will this cause an unsightly appearance, but it will also make the facial hair sit very closely to the skin, which will prevent air from getting in.

Tip #2: Don’t Cover Your Beard Unless You Have to

Be mindful of how often your beard is covered by something, such as a scarf or a bandana. You want to avoid covering your beard as much as possible so that it always receives proper airflow.

Tip #3: Be Mindful of How You Sleep

If you sleep on your stomach, it may be time to stop. Sleeping on your stomach can prevent air from circulating throughout your beard.

Tip #4: Keeping Your Beard Properly Protected When it Comes to Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures are no friend to your facial hair, nor are they compatible with the products that you apply to your beard. You have to protect your beard the right way. Essentially, don’t let it get too hot, and don’t let it get too cold.

Air Really is a Beard’s Best Friend

Our mission is simple: to give you the best chance of having a fast-growing, lusciously soft, and unbelievably healthy beard. When it comes to maintaining a healthy beard, airflow is more important than you may think. If you’re not ready to commit to the process that’s required, you’re going to end up giving up halfway, or simply not putting effort into keeping that beard healthy.

So, use this guide to ensure that your beard is breathing throughout the day. It can have a large role in keeping your beard as well as your skin in good shape.

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