On Growing and Keeping Your Hair

Thicken Up Your Beard And Hair

Having a great head of hair does not mean you will have a great beard. If you have a great beard, that is all that really matters. If you would prefer to have both, there are a few things you can do to create the best chances of this. Thinning hair and patchy beards are very common among men, but that does not mean that all hope is loss. Follow these ways to save your hair and get your beard fuller!


Time Heals Everything

One of the best ways to get a fuller beard is to take the time to grow it! This may sound obvious at first, but often the patchiest will discourage others and they will go for a trim. This does not speed up the process. It actually slows it down. Where you have areas that you are having trouble growing hair all together, if grown properly over time, eventually the length in other areas will be able to cover that up. Because the patches are caused by thickness, not length. Do not start trimming away.

Learn Your Angles

However, if you're impatient you might want to try starting with a fresh face. Allow your hair to grow evenly by giving yourself a clean shave. In order for that to happen, it's important to know how your facial hair grows. This is called your grain pattern. You can figure out your personal pattern by letting your hair grow out long enough to actually feel the direction your hair is growing. Your first stroke of shave should go in the same direction your hair grows, and the following stroke should go in the opposite direction. Pairing the right shaving accessories with this shaving process should leave you with a smooth shave that will allow your hair to grow evenly.

Get Testy!

Testosterone and beard growth go hand in hand. The more testosterone you are able to produce, the thicker your beard will be. By increasing this hormone in your body, it triggers receptors in your hair follicles to grow. There are tons of waves to naturally take care of this without taking any kind of injections. Sleeping 7-9 hours give a nice boost. Most testosterone is produced during REM-sleep, so getting anything less than 4 would really start to hinder that.

Working out has been scientifically proven to boost your testosterone production. If you don't know where to begin when it comes to the gym, there's a workout app called Aaptiv that allows you to listen to a personal trainer on your smartphone. It sets up structured workouts catered to you. You will be well on your way to raising your testosterone levels. Eating enough food is key too. When you have a low-calorie diet, it causes your reproductive system to slow down. When this happens, your testosterone will suffer. It is suggested to maintain your calories or even take on a surplus. With your added energy from sleep and increased calorie burn from fitness, you should be able to eat more than normal.

Stay Fresh

Exfoliating your skin at least once a week is very important. Not only does it clear dirt and sweat from your pores, it removes dead skin cells, which will stimulate new hair growth. Try using a exfoliating mask. Leave it on for about ten minutes and rinse off. Your face will thank you and so will your beard.


Diet On Point

If your hair falling out, there may be some kind of deficiency in your diet. Hair is made of protein, so when you're not getting enough, it won't be able to regrow once it sheds. There are many great sources of protein you may not even think about, from broccoli to greek yogurt. Whatever you decide to eat, there are a ton of foods that will be able to help out. Check out this article from health.com, if you ever in a pinch for some on the go high protein ideas, this will give you some great options to enjoy.


Follically Challenged

Sometimes talking about hair loss can be embarrassing for men. However, take comfort in fact that this is common (even in men as young as their early 20s). Luckily, there is help out there, even right at the tip of your fingers. Hims is a telemedicine company that provides Finasteride, which not only helps to slow down hair loss and make your hair thicker. At hims you are able to connect with doctors right online. After a few questions, they are able to diagnose and prescribe and then discreetly ship you your prescription. This allowed for no awkward in person convos or long waits in the doctor's office.

All in all, there are ways to get both your beard and hair fuller. No need to stress if you're not having success in either of them. Be patient and follow a few of these steps and you will be well on your way to bringing your confidence back!

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