Properly Using Beard and Mustache Scissors

Sooner or later most men will want to grow a beard. A beard is simply a masculine way for men to express themselves as males. It is also an important way for them to attract women and to relate to other guys. Having a nice beard is important for looking great and for maintaining good grooming standards. The following information will describe how you can properly groom your beard and mustache with scissors that were made for this purpose.

A Quick Word about Trimming your Beard
Beard and mustache scissors should only be used to trim facial hair that is an inch or higher. If you try to use them for short beards below one-inch, then you are going to have a hard time trying to get a good cut. So, for beards that are one-inch and longer use beard scissors and anything below this length use an electric razor or clippers to get the look you desire.

Here is another point that you should not forget. When you cut your beard, you should use scissors with a short blade. Shot blades are easier to control and they also provide a closer cut. Long scissors are harder to control. You can get a more controlled cut and you can also detail your mustache better with these types of scissors. Just remember to use short bladed scissors when you start to groom your mug.

Wash your Mug
Guys, if you want the best cut from your beard scissors then you will need to wash your mug. Washing your mug is very important because it will allow you to remove any debris, dirt and gunk out of your beard. When you have stuff in your beard, the scissors will have a hard time making a clean and even cut.

If you don't want to take a shower to clean your mug, you can simply use a hot water towel and place it on your face for about 10 minutes. This will open your pores and remove the top layer of dirt from your beard and mustache. Dry off your face and then you can start to trim up your facial hair.

Check your Growth before you Start to Cut
You can check the length of your facial hair by coming your beard hair up and then down. To accomplish this, you will need a small comb with the right sized picks to get through your beard. Once you follow this process, you will then have an idea about how long your beard is. By the way you are strongly encouraged to take this step. This way you can avoid trimming off too much or too little of your beard.

Your Beard must be your Starting Point
When you first start to trim your beard, you should start from your chin and then work toward your jawline and sideburns. The reason you start from your chin area is that the hair in this area is longer than anywhere else on your face. Your chin hair will be a guide for the rest of your mug.

Trim Along your Jawline
Make sure that you trim your hair along your jawline. This is important. Start from the chin and work upward toward your scalp line. Make sure that you are using even cuts. Try to keep your hands steady as possible. You should also consider a mirror while you trim your face. Unless you are good at free style cutting, looking in a mirror will help you to get a more precise and clean look.

Fine Tuning your Beard
I want to make a very important point. When you first start cutting your beard you are going to have to fine tune it over a month to get the look you want. Why so long? Well, your beard is constantly growing and it will need to be trimmed very often. You should trim your beard every 3 or 4 days. Once you do this your beard will naturally start to grow in that shape.

Do not Neglect your Neck Area
A good facial grooming will not neglect a person's neck area. You must pay attention to the space underneath your chin and ensure that it is not being trimmed too close to your skin. This is also true for the hair at the top part of your neck.

A Final Word about Trimming your Beard
You should always use your beard and mustache trimmers by cutting upward. Make sure that you trim your beard and keep the cut tight. Don't take off too much and make sure you condition your face after you are done cutting or trimming it. You can use the same cutting techniques for your mustache. Remember, you must give yourself at least a month before you can get the type of look that you want.

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