Should You Workout After Applying Some Beard Oil?

If you’re the type of guy who cares about the look and feel of his beard, you probably maintain a consistent beard care routine relying on, at the very least, a daily application of beard oil. You see, beard oil can transform a beard, making it soft, shiny, and healthy, not to mention easier to manage, thanks to its intensive moisturizing properties, and the nutrients that come from the plant-based ingredients.

But what happens when you work out after applying beard oil?

The sweat that is released into the beard from the face can definitely make your beard look greasy, but can it actually interfere with the product’s ability to do its job? Let’s talk about whether or not you should work out after putting on beard oil each day.

It Depends on Your Beard

Whether or not you should use beard oil before working out has a lot to do with your beard. If you have fine, thin, and manageable facial hair, you may find that the sweat produced by working out causes the sweat to fully take over the beard, causing it to look weighed down and dirty. The sweat can even break down the compounds in the beard oil, rendering them useless. On the other side of the coin, if you have unusually dry, coarse facial hair, the beard oil’s ability to add cumulative moisture to the beard may be disrupted by the abundant sweat.

It Depends on the Beard Oil

The actual beard oil formula matters as well. Some beard oils penetrate the hair faster than others, and the faster it penetrates, the less likely the beard is to be affected by an exercise session shortly after. If you use a beard oil that absorbs so quickly, you don’t feel it on the surface of the beard 20 minutes after applying, this is a good sign that it’s already supplied the beard with moisture, and no workout will interfere.

It Depends on the Type of Workout Routine

Some styles of working out cause us to sweat more than others. For instance, going to the gym for a low-impact weight-training session will likely not produce as much sweat as someone doing a HIIT session, where one sweats profusely due to the intensity of the workout. The less you sweat, the more undisturbed your beard will be following the application of beard oil.

It Depends on the Level of Sweat You Produce

Not all of us sweat the same amount. Some guys can do intensive training without breaking so much as a single sweat. Other guys sweat the second they step into the gym and begin their exercise. How much you sweat plays a big role in how affected your freshly moisturized beard will be by your exercise.

Using Beard Oil Before and After Working Out

Ideally, a guy will work out, wash his beard to rid it of sweat using a beard wash, and then apply his oil. If you have time for this in your schedule, it’s the way to go, as it will ensure that no matter how much you sweat, your beard will be clean and moisturized for the rest of the day. Remember that sweat can irritate the skin and cause fungal infections if you have a particularly thick beard, due to the warm, moist environment that results. So, you always want to wash your beard after working out if you can, which is naturally followed by a beard oil application.

If your busy schedule does not allow for this, then try to apply beard oil as early as you can before you go to work out. This way, it will have absorbed enough that the product will not get dissolved due to sweat.

Using Beard Oil Before Working Out Can Absolutely Be Done

Overall, it is better than using no beard oil at all. But, if you can, consider working out, washing your beard, and then doing your daily application. This will leave you with the cleanest, healthiest, and softest beard possible. Also, make sure you use a high-quality beard oil that actually penetrates the hairs for fast absorption, like the beard oils from Texas Beard Company, which rely on plant-based ingredients to benefit your facial hair.

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