Sunny Beard Days

Sunny Beard Days

Now that we've reached the coldest days of the winter season, many of us are longing for the sunny, warm days of summer. In fact, as the days grow darker and grayer, many of us become depleted in Vitamin D, an essential nutrient that we get from sun exposure. Because of the importance of this vitamin, many doctors recommend that we spend fifteen minutes outside each day whether the weather is cold or warm.

For men with a beard, you might be wondering how the sun affects your facial hair. As it turns out, the answer is a little complicated. Ultimately, it's all about finding the right balance in order to benefit from the sun's rays without causing damage to your beard.

Vitamin D Means a Healthier, Faster-Growing Beard

First, let's talk about the good news. There is a strong link between sun exposure and beard growth. When we expose our skin to sunlight, we increase our vitamin D levels. Having the right amount of vitamin D encourages a healthy production of testosterone. Testosterone is converted into DHT, a hormone that promotes beard growth.

If your beard growth has been slower than it should be, consider exposing your face to the light of the sun for ten to fifteen minutes each day. In just this short period of time, you can absorb enough vitamin D in order to produce the proper amount of testosterone.

Dry Heat Can Dehydrate Your Facial Hair

Now, let's discuss the ways in which sunlight can actually harm your beard. Often, the sunniest days come with intense heat that's uncomfortably dry. Your beard requires a lot of moisture in order to grow properly while looking its best. Dry heat can strip your facial hair of the moisture that it so desperately needs, leaving it dull, brittle and damaged.

UV Rays Can Damage Sensitive Strands

While we all know that UV rays can permanently damage our skin, many people are surprised to learn that they can damage hair as well. UV rays can burn away the protective layer of oils that coats each hair strand, leaving your beard more vulnerable to damage.

On a different note, UV rays can actually lighten your beard. That's because they remove pigment, causing each hair strand to turn lighter in color.

What's interesting is that having a beard can protect your face from skin damage caused by UV rays. A beard acts as a shady spot for your face, reducing the amount of sun exposure that it receives when you're outdoors.

Keep the Sun’s Rays Moderate

While the sun can be quite harmful in large doses, a little bit of sunlight can actually enhance your beard game. They key is exposing your beard to sunlight for a very short amount of time each day.

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