That Uncomfortable Itchy Beard Feeling

Every man or almost every man wants to grow "the" beard. The one that everyone loves, stares at and he will in turn feel the love of the beard from everyone he knows and those he doesn't know. But, with beard fame can come beard annoyances. One of these types of annoyances is the infamous beard itch. Nothing can be more annoying that trying to grow a beard and keep it growing than getting itchiness that just drives you crazy. In fact, it can make many men resort to shaving it all off just to get some relief.

Let's dive into making that beard stay for more than a few days or a few weeks. Beard itch is common because when a man shaves his face, his hair is used to being short and thus, when it is growing, the follicle connects with the short and sharp edge of the hair as it grows and that makes it each. Pretty cool to know, yet now that this is known there are things that can be done to prevent this beard itch, or at least help relieve it.

  • Washing it – This one is the easiest and the most effective. By keeping the beard and the skin clean underneath, it won't itch as bad or as often. Always make sure you use soap and hot water and make sure you have removed all soap or you will get itchy quick.
  • Conditioners – Might sound weird, but yes, conditioners for the beard are a must if the objective is to prevent the beard itch. These have oils and other extracts that can help keep the skin hydrated and help the hair as it grows.
  • Trim It – Wanting a full beard and want it to be long and healthy? It must be trimmed. This means keeping it healthy by keeping it neat and tidy. Sounds ironic to cut it if the goal is to make it if possible, but with periodic trimmings, it can grow better and healthier, which makes it grow longer overall.
  • Fruits and Veggies – Many guys don't like this to be added, but the truth is eating healthy can reap huge dividends for a beard. Look for items that have Vitamin-D, Biotin, and Vitamin-A.

A few things here can make the biggest difference in growing out that manly beard that has always been desired and being miserable with a beard itch that is insufferable. Just don't go out and cut it all off when the itch appears. It can be tamed and it can be cured. Just takes a bit of practice and time and soon, that beard of glory will appear.

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