The 4 Week Beard Growing Period

Trends on male facial hair vary according to fashion. One week, it’s the clean chinned (and bodied) Ken dolls and the next, it’s lumbersexuals. Right now, the furry faced are winning the race and many men are deciding to try facial hair. After all, it should be easy, since all it involves isn’t shaving, right?

Right and wrong.

To make the transition easier, keep reading for a glimpse at the first 4 weeks of beard growing and what to expect at different stages of the game. A little knowledge can go a long way toward helping you grow the beard of your dreams and avoid bailing when your beard merely looks like the end of a bad weekend.

Week 1: Getting Started
Week one is the hardest as it can bring a chorus of ‘did you forget to shave?’ or ‘is your razor broken?’ Confidence and information sharing are key. You need to be confident in the face of your detractors, especially since your baby beard probably doesn’t look like much in the beginning. You need to share information with your employer as well as your significant other to make sure your new beard isn’t going to cause problems in either arena.

Week 2: Feel the Burn
Week one might be hard on a social standpoint, but week two is probably going to be rough on a physical front. Your new beard is coming in and your face might be itchy or hot. The temptation will be there to rub or scratch your face but resist, as this will only make the problems worse. The answer is the new products you will need for your beard such as a beard conditioner or beard oil. These products will help soften the new hair as well as soothe your face.

Week 3: Bear with the Blank Spots
Week three is probably where most men notice patchiness in their new beards. While this might seem obvious to you, the rest of the world probably doesn’t notice. The thing to remember is hair grows at different rates so give your beard a chance before deciding you have a problem.

Week 4: Pick Your Style
Week four is usually when most men begin to see the final shape of their beard and it’s the best time to pick your beard style. Do you want to look natural or something more refined? The internet is a treasure trove of different beard styles so do some surfing if you aren’t sure on your personal beard style.

At the end of your 4-week beard growing period, you will have a beard you can work with but now’s the time to get the equipment you need to keep your beard in shape. In addition to the beard moisturizer or oil you might have already bought, a good pair of beard scissors will help you keep your beard in shape. In addition, a good beard shampoo will help you keep your beard clean.

A beard is an investment of time and money but most men who grow them enjoy them as do their significant others. A beard can give a man a whole new look the same way a new lipstick can change the looks of a woman.

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