The Right Morning Beard Routine

The Right Morning Beard Routine

If your beard tends to look unruly and unhealthy, you're probably not taking enough care of it. Our facial hair requires a good deal of maintenance in order to look and feel it's best.

The men who have the most impressive beards are often the ones who spend the most amount of time each day taking care of their facial hair. By committing to a daily routine and using the very best products on the market, you can enhance the appearance of your beard beyond your wildest dreams.

Here are some ways of doing so:


The first step of your daily beard routine should be cleansing. You may be surprised by just how much dirt and oil our facial hair accumulates throughout the day. By using a high-quality cleanser, you'll rid your beard of any grime.

Always try to use a cleanser that doesn't contain harsh sulfates. Chemical sulfates strip the beard of the natural oils that keep it soft and healthy.


It's always wise to exfoliate on a daily basis. The process of exfoliation stimulates the blood vessels beneath your beard, promoting faster hair growth. Exfoliation also removes dead skin cells that can clog the follicles of your beard, resulting in inflammation and slow growth.

It's easy to find a scrub or a chemical exfoliant that's right for the job. Try to avoid a product that's heavily scented as this can leave your skin feeling irritated.


Our skin and facial hair require a lot of moisture in order to be healthy.
A beard that's deprived of moisture will be more prone to frizz and breakage. It will also appear dull and generally unhealthy.

One of the biggest misconceptions about beard care is that oil-based moisturizes will leave a beard looking greasy. The truth is that there are many high-quality beard oils out there that absorb into the skin and facial hair quickly, causing it to look soft and shiny rather than oily.

Always opt for a beard oil that contains plant-based ingredients rather than synthetic chemicals.


Now, it's time to style your facial hair. A high-quality beard balm will help you tame unruly facial hair while allowing you to shape your beard perfectly. The right beard balm contains a blend of plant-based ingredients that don't weigh your facial hair down. And, always remember that a little bit goes a long way when it comes to beard balms.


The last step is grooming with a comb or a brush. Because facial hair is very different from the hair that's on our head, finding a brush or comb that's specially designed for beards is essential. Whether you choose a comb, or a brush is completely up to you.

Stick to It

By sticking to a thorough daily facial hair routine, your beard will feel healthier and look better than ever before.

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