Today's MLB Players Rocking a Beard

There’s really no better place to look for beard inspiration than the MLB. Right now, several of the top players are rocking exceptional beards that look as great on the field as off. That’s why we’ve made a list of the top five beards in the Majors today.

#5: Bryce Harper

Phillies player Bryce Harper is still considerably young despite the fact that he’s achieved quite a lot over the last few years. At age 23, he earned the title of Most Valuable Player according to the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. Now, as a right fielder, he’s considered one of the very top players in the game.

Perhaps because of how young he is, Harper has been rocking a pretty impressive beard for a while that makes him look a bit wiser and more mature. His beard has definitely paid off as it’s only added to his enormous presence when he’s on the field. If you want to grow a beard like Harper’s, allow your facial hair to grow in for a few months before cleaning it up weekly. Make sure that you use a beard wash daily to keep things looking nice and smooth.

#4: Charlie Blackmon

Simply put, Charlie Blackmon’s beard is a force of nature. This is a guy who isn’t afraid to stand out in a crowd. The Texas native has become a superstar over the years, and he’s now known as an excellent center fielder for the Colorado Rockies. However, he still stays close to his roots, rocking a beard that would make any Texan shudder with envy.

The key to growing a beard like Blackmon’s is patience. It takes a while for that hair to become nice and full and long. So, while you wait for it to grow out, make sure that you use a moisturizing beard oil daily to prevent breakage and damage that will force you to trim. And, once you’ve reached the desired length, trim weekly to give it a clean shape.

#3: Danny Espinosa

Infielder Danny Espinosa has had quite an impressive career, having played for a number of teams before settling with the Mets. And, throughout the years, he’s switched up his facial hair style quite a bit while bouncing between teams. Now, Espinosa’s beard is one of the most impressive that we’ve ever seen. This guy has seriously thick hair and he isn’t afraid to show it off to the world.

If you’re gonna try to grow a beard like Espinosa’s, it’s important that you know your hair type. You see, if your hair isn’t as thick as his, it might be a struggle getting the full look that he has. Of course, using a beard balm can help add volume if your hair is on the finer side.

#2: Dustin Pedroia

Dustin Pedroia’s laidback facial hair style matches his personality perfectly. The Red Sox player is an outstanding second baseman who is known for always having his head in the game. His unique beard has that “effortlessly cool” look that so many men try to achieve. And, the good news is that pulling off this style really isn’t that difficult at all.

Pedroia’s beard is a bit patchy, so if your hair is on the finer side, you can copy this look very easily. Just let it grow into a full beard before giving it some shape by trimming the mustache and the sides of the chin.

#1: Jake Arrieta

Phillies pitcher Jake Arrieta’s beard is legendary in its own right thanks to its lusciously thick and full style. His beard has become so famous that men are copying it all over the country. If you want to try this look on for size, just let your beard grow for a couple of months. Then, carefully shape around the jawline to keep things neat.

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