Top 7 Winter Beard Maintenance Tips for 2022

During the cold months of the winter year, many of us feel a bit lower on energy, mainly due to the lack of sunlight. While our productivity may suffer a bit, our facial hair tends to suffer much more. Dry air, high winds and little sunlight can all contribute to a less-than-luxurious beard, if we don’t put extra effort into maintaining that facial hair once the weather gets chilly.

Having a beard requires extra love and care during the winter season, since this time of year can cause the facial hair to become quite dry. Luckily, it’s not too complicated to make sure that your beard maintains extra moisture when the weather is cold, as there are some easy ways to ensure that your beard doesn’t suffer during the wintertime. The tips below will help you maintain a gorgeous beard throughout the cold months ahead.

Tip #1: Use a Humidifier in Your Home

Believe it or not, the worst beard offender during the winter months isn’t outside your home, but inside. Once the temperatures drop, we crank the heater in our house. However, most heating systems suck moisture out of the air, meaning that our homes become incredibly dry. And, dry air indoors means a dry beard.

The easy way to combat this is to purchase some humidifiers and strategically place them throughout your home. This way, the air will retain moisture, which will directly benefit your beard.

Tip #2: Double Up on Moisturizing Products

If you usually use beard oil once a day, you may want to double that amount when the weather is cold. Due to how dry the air is during the winter months; you’ll need extra moisture to compensate. This means that you should use a beard oil both in the morning and at night. You can even use your beard oil as a mask, applying much more than usual to your facial hair, letting it sit for 30 minutes and then rinsing it out before applying your regular amount and leaving it in.

Tip #3: Let That Beard Simply Grow

During the winter months, the rate of growth slows down due to the lack of vitamin D. So, you may want to skip some of those trimming sessions, as your beard just isn’t growing as fast as it usually does.

Tip #4: Take Care of Your Skin, Too

Your skin and your beard rely on each other in many ways. If your skin is not in good shape, your beard will suffer, and if your beard isn’t well-maintained, it can negatively affect your face. So, during the winter months, make sure to pay extra attention to your complexion as well. We recommend using a rich moisturizer on your skin to combat dryness, as dry skin can cause the skin beneath your beard to become irritated.

Tip #5: Avoid Ultra-Hot Showers

We know that it’s tempting to take extremely hot showers during the cold months (trust us – we do). However, ultra-hot water can actually strip moisture away from your beard, and moisture is what your facial hair absolutely needs during the cold months. If possible, opt for slightly above lukewarm, as this will still feel comfortable, but won’t dry out your facial hair.

Tip #6: Wear a Scarf Around Your Beard When Outdoors

High wind can also disrupt your beard’s moisture levels, as blasts of dry air can suck moisture out of each strand. Plus, wind can cause tangles. So, when you’re outdoors, make an effort to wrap a scarf around the lower portion of your face. This will protect your beard from potentially damaging winds.

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