What Can Be Expected When Growing Your First Beard?

Most men will be able to grow a beard at some point in time during their life. Having a beard is a defining characteristic that helps men to stand out from their female counter parts. So, what can a young man expect when he grows his first beard? The material below will answer that question.

The First Signs of Facial Hair
Males have a hormone called testosterone. This hormone is responsible for giving males their defining characteristics. One type of feature that this hormone gives to men is hair. Therefore, more men are hairier than women. This is not to say that women do not have hair on their body. Also, we all know that some very hairy women are living among us. Still, facial hair is a characteristic that is associated with being a male.

When a young man first starts to develop facial hair this typically takes place between the ages of 16 to 20. However, some males can have moustaches at the age of 6. This is because they have a lot of testosterone flowing through their systems at such a young age. Keep in mind that guys that have less of the male hormone probably will not develop a beard at all. At the very least, they will have to struggle to grow one.

Teenage males will start to see their moustaches develop first. Facial hair for guys typically starts here first. Depending on how their beard will look, the rest of their hair will grow in on their chin and both sides of their face. The first signs of facial hair are always exciting for young males because it is another indicator that they are about to become men.

How to Care for your First Beard
Once a young man’s beard starts to form, he must know how to take care of it. Normally, a teenager will have a father around who will show him what to do with his beard. He also might receive instruction in this area from an older male figure (such as a relative or family friend) about the matter. Many guys who start growing their first beard are going to want to shave it.

Shaving is an unofficial rite of passage for guys. A young man will usually be elated that he can now purchase shaving cream, razors and/or clippers to start grooming his facial hair. Now, let’s take a more in-depth look at how to care for your first beard.

A male’s first beard is usually not that thick and overgrown with hair. So, using shaving cream and disposable razors is a great choice for first time shavers. Some guys might start using a beard trimmer or hair clippers for their first shaving experience. This too is another great way to remove facial hair.

While both shaving methods are great for removing hair they both have strengths and weaknesses. Shaving cream and razors are great for getting a very close shave. However, they tend to irritate the skin and might help to inflame acne on a young man’s face. Clippers and trimmers are great for eliminating hair without irritating the skin. Even though this is the case, clippers will leave a shadow on a young man’s face. Sometimes, a young male does not want to look like he’s a grown man still stuck in high school.

The point is that both methods of shaving have their pros and cons. A young man will have to decide which shaving method is best suited for his skin and circumstances. If acne is an issue, then a young male should use clippers and not razors to get rid of facial hair. Remember that razors typically cut the hair follicle from the face. Guys with sensitive skin will find this process to be bothersome. So, the best thing to do for themselves is to use clippers.

Here is another great piece of advice for shaving. A young male should take a hot shower to open-up his facial pores before he shaves with a razor. Or, he should use a hot towel on his face to get the same results. When the pores on the face are open, it allows for the razor to effectively eliminate hair and it will also cause less irritation to the face. A young man does not have to open his pores when using clippers or a trimmer because these devices just remove hair above the skin surface.

Warning: Avoid Dry Shaving at all Costs
Some young men might be tempted to shave their face with a razor without shaving cream. This process is called dry shaving and it is not recommended. A few males who first attempt to dry shave their face might believe that this will make them hardcore. It is quite foolish to perform this process.

Dry shaving creates a lot friction on a male’s facial skin. This friction in turns irritates the skin cells. Once this happens, a guy’s skin will become itchy, ashy, inflamed and kind of sore. This is especially true for dudes who have acne. A young man should avoid dry shaving at all cost. It is not a good way to get rid of facial hair and it will cause damage to their skin.

Cuts, Scrapes, and your First Beard
Sooner or later all men will cut their face while shaving their beard. This too is just another rite of passage for the shaving process. Often, facial cuts and scrapes come from dull razors. Sometimes they happen because guys press down too hard when shaving their face.

To minimize cuts and scrapes, a young man should shave with the grain of their face. This means they should figure out the direction that their facial hair is growing and then shave their faces in that direction. Truthfully, it will not always be effective or practical to shave along the grain; but a young man should use this advice as a basic rule for shaving.

If a young guy has extremely tough facial hair or if it is longer than usual, they should use clippers on their face to get the hair down. Once the hair is short enough, they can finish the job with a razor. This too will help to keep their facial skin from being cut up.

Finally, young men should take the time to figure out what type of beard pattern their face will have. Once they do, they can groom their beard to get the desire look they want. They can also use accessories such as beard scissors or combs to maintain their beard’s appearance. These first-time beard care tips will provide a young man with valuable knowledge about beard care that they can use for the rest of their life.

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