What Results Should You Be Seeing When Using Beard Oil?

Beard oil is quickly becoming one of the most crucial parts of a man’s beard care routine, and for good reason. This single product is capable of hydrating both the skin and the beard while providing the complexion and facial hair with essential nutrients that can do everything from soothe irritation to enhance beard growth.

If you’ve recently started using beard oil, we understand if you’re feeling a bit impatient. After all, this product can dramatically improve the texture, condition and appearance of your beard, so we get that you’re ready to start seeing results. However, the results that you have depend on a variety of factors, and every man will see the results he desires at a different point during the process.

So, when can you expect to see results from your beard oil regimen? Allow us to help you figure that out.

What to Expect

The reality is that how long it takes for you to get to the point of having a lusciously soft, extremely healthy beard depends on a few different factors. We’ve listed those factors below so that you can make sure that you’re using your beard oil properly for the best and fastest results.

How Often You’re Using It

The frequency at which you apply your beard oil has a lot to do with how long it takes for your beard to start transforming. The truth is that beard oil should be applied daily. This is because facial hair needs a lot of moisture, and throughout the day, factors such as weather and exposure to pollutants strip away moisture. Applying beard oil daily compensates for this loss of hydration. So, if you’re not using it daily, you will be losing more moisture than you’re giving back. Also, men with especially dry facial hair should consider using beard oil twice a day.

How Long You’ve Been Using It for

The best things in life don’t happen overnight. Every man’s experience with beard oil is different, and some will notice dramatic changes within days while others will need to continue applying it for weeks. A lot of this has to do with how dry and damaged your facial hair was before you started using the beard oil.

Your Facial Hair Type

What’s your facial hair type? Is it straight or curly? Thick or thin? Coarse or fine? Typically, hair that’s curly, thick or coarse will require more applications of beard oil than hair that’s straight, thin or fine before those results start becoming apparent.

Your Beard Length

Longer beards require more product. If you’re only using a tiny amount on a super long beard, you won’t see that much change. If your beard is long, consider increasing the amount of beard oil that you use daily.

The Beard Oil Formula Itself

Lastly, you’re not going to get the desired results if you’re using a beard oil that contains a subpar formula. A beard oil should contain natural, plant-based ingredients that both hydrate and nourish the facial hair. In fact, some beard oils contain harsh chemicals that actually strip the hair of moisture a little at a time.

The Final Results Should Be…

Beard oil is one of the best investments that you can make if you care about the appearance and health of your facial hair. Using it diligently is extremely important if you want to get the desired results, as is choosing the best one based on its ingredients. As long as you choose a high-quality formula and use it consistently, you will eventually have the beard of your dreams.

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