What Types of Combs Should You Use for Your Beard?

Most men do not bother to comb their beards. If your beard is fully-grown, it is essential you know how to groom and take care of it. Combing your beard is one of the most critical processes of grooming. The dilemma begins when you must choose what kind of a comb to use on your beard. The question that lingers on most men's mind is why can't you use your head comb on your beard? The truth is that the hair on your head is very different from the one on your face, and the hair brushes are not made to accommodate the combing of beards, they might cause breakages and damage your beard.

There are several designs of beard combs, made from different materials with varied prices. Some Combs are made from wood, plastics, and horn. Whether Long, short, rounded or pick-like, all the beard combs serve the same purpose, to make the beard grooming a simple process. When combing your beard, it is essential to know the correct way of combing it. During this process, you should start from the base coming upwards and outwards, start from the neck and work your way towards the cheeks making the beard look fuller, separating all hairs. Once this is done, you can comb the beard downwards and style it according to your preference.

Longer beards need wide-toothed combs to help clear tangles and knots while need fine-toothed combs work best on shorter beards. You should choose the best comb for your beard type to avoid breakage and allow for even distribution of beard oil. The wooden comb is considered the best to use; this is because it holds a small amount of beard oil compared to the metal and plastic combs which may pull out your beard hairs. This, Therefore, makes the wooden comb more suitable for your grooming activities.

Combing a beard is important to prevent the ingrown hairs which are the small red bumps and spots around the neck and cheeks which are very painful, it also helps the beard to grow in the preferred right direction. Using the right comb keeps your beard clean in addition to washing and moisturizing it. It helps remove food particles that may have been trapped in your beard. Do not comb your beard immediately after taking a shower as this might lead to loss of hair; wet hair tends to be more tangled and weaker than when it is dry. You should also avoid combing your beard after using the dryer this is because hot hair leads to weaker roots, making it easier to pull out while combing.

Combing through your beard using the right comb makes it easier to distribute the beard moisturizers and oils evenly. Combing also helps to style the beard in the way you want and get that look you desire. Combing the hair around your mouth also helps keep the beard away from your mouth this can be irritating and annoying. It also gives an illusion of a fuller and manly beard, therefore improving the way the beard feels as well as increase your self-esteem.

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