What a Man’s Beard Style Says About Them

At Texas Beard Company, it is safe to say that we are beard people. And, after years of knowing plenty of bearded guys, one thing we can say with certainty is that the beard style a man chooses to wear says a lot about his personality. We do not like to be stereotypical, but the reality is that a beard is a great way for a guy to express who he is, in terms of his character traits and inspirations.

What Each Popular Beard Style Says about the Man Who’s Sporting It

After you’re done reading this article, feel free to look in the mirror and ask yourself whether or not your beard represents who you are in terms of your personality.

Scruffy or Stubbly

First up, we have the scruffy or stubbly look. This is the type of look favored by guys who want to give the appearance that they do not care about how they look. It is the type of “I woke up like this” style that a lot of women happen to find irresistible. Of course, to maintain that look actually takes considerable effort, but the payoff is great as it creates a “bad boy” style that does not require that the man grow out a full beard.

Short, Neat and Clean

If you keep your beard short and tidy, and keep up with your grooming and trimming sessions, then you probably want to give the impression that you take care of yourself meticulously, and don’t go out of your way to draw attention to yourself. Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t mind playing by the rules and fitting in with the status quo.


Nowadays, we are seeing more and more guys who have unique architectural beards, with intricate sculpted lines and fades. Guys who rock this beard are the types of guys who aren’t afraid to admit that they care about how they look and are willing to invest a lot of time into looking good. The more detailed the beard, the more the man puts work into maintaining it, and he wants to show off the fruits of his labor. If you have this type of beard style, you might be someone who does not mind splurging on fancy things from time to time, and appreciates the finer things in life overall, such as nice cars and designer clothing.

Medium-Length and Full

If you have a full, medium-length beard, you might be a guy who wants to give off an air of being an intellectual. Or you might be someone who is just looking for an easy way to appear more mature, masculine, and sophisticated. This beard style is great for concealing a weak jaw or chin, or baby fat in the cheeks. But it also makes a man look more distinguished and intelligent at the same time, which certainly doesn’t hurt.

Long and Wild

If you are all about the lumberjack beard, then there’s a good chance that you are an outdoorsy type who likes the more rugged type of lifestyle. Maybe you love going camping, or you feel connected to your masculinity in a way that makes you feel that growing out your facial hair elevates your manhood. Long, unruly beards are a sign of high testosterone levels, and the thicker and longer the beard, the more masculine you can appear. Men with these types of beards are also not concerned with the status quo, as the clean-shaven look may be considered to be a sign of conformity that simply does not appeal to this type of man.

Long and Intricate

A guy with a long, intricate beard, such as a beard with unique braids or an unusual shape, is a guy who feels rebellious, and wants to show the world that he does not care about what anyone thinks. We associate this look with rock stars who challenge convention, and it is no surprise that a lot of guys with more intricate, long beards are big fans of music.

Let Your Bearded Style Speak for Itself

The beard you wear gives off the impression of who you are on the inside, whether that is the desired effect or not. So, if you plan to switch up your beard style in the near future, ask yourself what impression you want to give to the world. Your beard says a lot about your personality and is a great way to express who you really are.

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