What’re the Differences Between Beard Wax and Beard Balm?

Shame on you sir! For having such a luscious beard and wanting to be hygienic. Now you will have to —know stuff, like the difference between beard wax and beard balm. Both have different purposes and so also contain different ratios of ingredients to aid your beard’s health and appearance.

All Up in the Bee’s Wax
Before we get into what each of these products does, let us look at what is in them. If you start looking at the ingredients of our popular beard balm and or wax, you should see that they have almost the same oils in them such as pine needle oil, cedar oil, carrier oil, and so on. There is a vast array that helps separate the different brands and all of them having different concentrations of the oils and the brand may or may not include Shea Butter. The main ingredient that stands out in both balm and wax is the bee’s wax. This is the thing that stirs up the confusion.

Let's make it simple then.

Beard wax’s primary function is to style your beard. Obviously, like any other natural substance, it is going to have nutrients but that’s not why it’s included. The important thing to know is that the concentration level is different. Beard Wax has a higher portion for —let’s say men with beards five inches and up. So, if you have a nice bushy and/or long impressive beard, the wax will help you style it and provide an impressive hold.

Beard balm will offer you —some styling control but that is not the intended purpose of the product. Beard Balm is geared more towards shorter beards and having a more attractive appearance.

Keep Your Beard Kung Fu Strong
Yes, you can use both and we’re going to cover the basics of how to properly use both products together or separately.

First thing, don’t do the man thing by using more than what you need. For example, the triple cheeseburger, the Hemi, or the steel toe boots that track your fantasy football team. You don’t need to cake your face with either product. If you are doing balm and wax, start with the balm. Just scoop out enough to melt between your hands and work it into the roots. From there try spreading it out to the ends. The goal is even distribution among all your hair. Add only as much as your beard size requires and then either comb or brush out your beard. Now apply the wax using the same method. You will have to gauge the amount of product needed based on your hair type and what look you are trying to accomplish, but the important thing to keep in mind is evenly spreading the oils around.

Now, go forth and take with you the smells of cedar wood and pine and be impressive to the baby-faced world.

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