Why Every Man with a Beard Needs Beard Oil

If you've ever endured an annoyingly itchy beard, beard dandruff, whether you're still stuck in the stubble phase, or you proudly rock a full goatee, there's just one marvelous product you need to ease discomfort while stimulating and sustaining the growth of your beard, and that is beard oil.

You might be asking yourself: What does Texas Beard Company’s beard oils do? It helps your beard feel less dry and scruffy. Immediately after applying our beard oil you'll notice your beard is smoother and you'll be able to run your fingers through it without them getting trapped inside and then ripping off half your face as you desperately try to free your hand from its grip of terror.

But, is using a beard oil necessary? Absolutely not. That is if you've got excellent genes and have always had a full, dense growth without any dandruff or dryness. if so, then you will be able to get by without using beard oil.

Your beard hair follicles are housed inside sebaceous glands - glands that make a natural oil called sebum, which coats the beard follicle. As you start to grow your beard, and it grows in length, the volume of sebum your body can produce isn't enough to cover the follicles and keep the skin on the outside moisturized. This is one of the main causes dryness and itchiness. By applying beard oil, your facial skin will be shielded from environmental factors such as air pollution and fickle weather and your beard follicles will thank you.

Eventually, with daily use, our beard oils will banish split ends, dandruff, and itchiness, while making your beard look more refined and attractive. These are a few of the reasons why most guys find beard oil their ultimate hero.

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