How to Use Beard Oil and Balm

Well, you’ve proven the 8th grade critics that called your fledgling facial hair "a hideous Pandora’s Box of peach fuzz" wrong and grown the type of manly beard deodorant commercials are based on. Then, in a stroke of genius, you made sure said beard would be even more glorious (yes, somehow that was possible) by purchasing our Beard Oil or Beard Balm. We understand that now would be a most inopportune time to drop the ball -- and we’ve got your back. To ensure maximum beard mojo, here’s the answers to your questions on how to apply your new Texas Beard Co. products.

How Much Do I Use?

We’ve got good news -- you’re not going to have to pull out the high school algebra textbooks (and we don’t need more memories of 8th grade, ammarite?). The amount of beard product needed isn’t an exact science -- rather, it depends on the length and thickness of your beard.

While you’ll find the perfect amount through trial and error, a good rule of thumb is a dime-sized puddle in your palm for beard oil and a fingertip-sized blob for beard balm. Another helpful hint is to think of it as (much classier) hair gel for your beard -- while less will go further compared to gel, your face-hair will tell you when it’s nice and saturated much like your head-hair will.

How Do I Put This Stuff on Without Breaking My Beard?

We promise, under no circumstances, will you be able to break your beard with our products. But here’s how the pros apply Texas Beard Co. Oil or Balm for max studliness (the process for both is pretty much the same). First things first: the goal is to train your beard to be awesome 24/7. After your morning (or 3pm because your Saturday night was that good) shower, apply your Oil/Balm.

While it’s great for emergencies, regular application at the beginning of the day is going to not only going to give you that right look from the get-go, it’s going to help your beard look fantastic even on the occasion when you haven’t had the chance to get your Texas Beard Co. game on. Speaking of which -- here’s a step-by-step breakdown on how to win that game.

Pour a small amount of beard oil in your palm or snag a dollop of balm with your fingertip.
Spread it on both palms and between your fingers (there’s that hair gel similarity again).
Apply evenly throughout your beard and massage into your skin. Don’t forget that second part -- a beard is only as healthy as the skin it sprouts out of!
Optional Bonus Move: Brush and/or comb for maximum fullness and styling. If you do decide to take this extra step (hint: you totally should take this extra step), brush first to perfectly distribute the oil/balm throughout your beard and follow up with combing to nail that sculpted-by-the-Beard-Gods-shape.
Practice your “What? This old thing?” delivery before leaving the house so you convincingly emulate someone who isn’t aware his facial hair is the stuff of legend.

Okay Smart Guys... But When Do I Use Which?

Fine question, and we respect your thoroughness. The fact is, Texas Beard Co. Oil and Balm are both excellent at making your beard feel, smell and look spectacular, but there are differences. Consisting solely of natural oils, Beard Oil has an easier time getting to and being absorbed by your skin to minimize beard itch and flaking. Beard Balm, meanwhile, provides more and longer lasting control through the addition of natural butters (our balm contains no wax and therefore is easier to apply and less likely to cake).
We suggest both for a flawless beard regime, but here are some instances where one beats out the other.

  • Occasion calls for a toned-down look? Beard Balm will provide less sheen and give a more matte appearance.
  • Daily maintenance and overall health of the beard on your mind? Beard Oil is the equivalent of an apple a day.
  • If you’ve got a particular style in mind not immediately offered by your God-given follicle arrangement, pull out the balm.
  • If your beard has gotten to the level where lumberjacks seek you out to hand you axes any time you’re within a mile of a forest, balm will most like be an absolute necessity for successful styling.

There you have it -- the Texas Beard Co. Guide to Manly Beard Minding. Now go forth and spread the gospel of Well-Tended Beards to the masses.

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