Big Thicket Beard Oil

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This Big Thicket Beard Oil from Texas Beard Company will have your beard tamed and smelling like you just came home from a day of choppin wood.

Big Thicket is scented with a subtle blend of Cedarwood and Pine Needle essential oils to smell just like the famous Texas forest.

This is our original size, 1 fluid ounce. This is enough oil to last most beards 3-4 months with daily use.

Texas Beard Company's Big Thicket Beard Oil, with its Cedarwood & Pine Needles scent makes me feel like I'm back adventuring in the deep Texas woods.
Chris Brown / Publisher Refueled Magazine

Texas Beard Company products are made with all natural ingredients.

Base Oil Blend

  • Golden Jojoba Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Avocado Oil

Essential Oil (Scent) Blend

  • Cedarwood
  • Pine Needle

Customer Reviews

203 Reviews
Smoky Goodness
Smoky scent when first applied. Smells like you've been hanging out around a campfire or woodburning stove. I like it. Doesn't make you smell like a fairy.
Cojones Grandes
Solid all around
Smells good but not overpowering like some other oils I've tried
Great product!
Very nice stuff, love the smell! Oil is nice and absorbs nicely in my beard and skin underneath. Will definitely purchase again.
Justin J
Big Thicket Beard Oil
Of course Big Thicket is my favorite beard oil. It's always a pleasure to see people react to the soft scent of my beard, and not sure why they feel that way. The scent and beard control are what keep me coming back to Big Thicket.r
Big Thicket is the Ticket!!
This is the second purchase we have made from Texas Beard Company, and first full size oil purchase. The scent is woodsy, but not overpowering. My husband loves how it leaves his beard feeling great while taming any wild hairs. The oil also keeps his skin moisturized. I definitely will continue to purchase from Texas Beard Company.
Julie Ohio
Beard oil
Love this stuff. It smells great and keeps my beard soft and healthy looking.
Joe P Ingleside, Texas
Big Thicket Beard Oil
This is a great product. My husband uses it almost everyday for a healthy looking beard
Great Woodsman Type Smell!
If you want to smell like you have been out in the woods with your giant oak-handled ax chopping down trees all day, then this is the oil for you. The ladies love it. Highly recommend!
Andy Ross St. Louis
Great Scent, Great Oil
The Big Thicket scent is easily one of my favorites - it's woodsy and warm without being overpowering or smelling synthetic.

And the oils used to make this beard oil mean that it never feels particularly heavy. It works quickly to soften the hair, and can even work to help thin out an over-application of mustache wax.

I don't really have any complaints!
Scent wasn't consistent to the last
The scent wasn't consistent to the last batch. This was just smelled liked a bunch of pine needles.
This beard oil smells horrible
debbie trotter
Big Thicket Beard Oil
Big Thicket Oil is great!

I really like the scent but my beard likes it even better.

My beard is softer & more manageable, stays put

with the beard oil. Thanks for a great product & keep up the good work!
Big Jack
Great product
<p>I bought this for my husband. He says it's a great smelling oil that makes him feel like he's in a wood shop. It came well-packaged, and because we live in Texas, it arrived very quickly through the US mail from Beaumont. Although less decorative, I would prefer a plastic cap because the bottles would be better for reusing the glass bottles afterward.</p>
Ellen College Station, TX
Big Thicket Rocks!
I really like the scent of Big Thicket and how it makes my beard feel. There is just something enticing about smell of a Texas forest! Will definitely order again!
John Martinez
Texas beard company has great oil. I've bought several other scents such as the eucalyptus mint which I happen to like more. I was expecting something different by reading the description but it is still great. I would reccomend this scent to a manly man. Someone who likes musky scents.
Big Thicket
This beard oil is Amazing! Keeps my beard soft and smells awesome. I wish the scent was a little stronger and lasted a little longer. Other than that I plan on buying more Texas Beard Company products.
Andy Sanchez Katy, Texas
Big Thicket Beard Oil
I've made several purchases of the various scents that are offered. I do like most of them a lot. I keep going back to the Big Thicket Beard Oil because it has a scent that suits me. It gives me a reminder of home when I am away. I work in a harsh unforgiving environment and this helps keep my beard from drying out and under control.
Big thicket oil
All the oils from the Texas Beard Company are great. But I just got Big Thicket oil and it's exactly what I needed. Not too heavy...scent is not too strong...does a great job with the dry air and static in your beard during the winter months. I recommend it for all types of beards.
Mike D. Belmont, NC
Big Thicket Oil
Really works well and the scent is by far my favorite. Softer beard, skin, and much easier to manage the man mane. Would give five stars if the scent was just a little stronger, as it gives off a hint of the woods but doesn't appear to last long once applied. This is just a personal opinion because others may find it just right and any stronger or longer lasting scent may be overbearing to them.
Jason Morehead, KY
Big Thicket oil
Nice aroma and always leaves my beard feeling hydrated and looking nice and vibrant. I will be getting the matching balm soon as I am needing more control. Yet another top shelf product.
Big Thicket
Nice and mellow smell that is not over powering. Again, great service and prompt shipment of product.
Steve B Cape Cod
Big Thicket Oil
This was my first purchase from Texas Beard Co. and I'm really happy with it. I lost my beard to a job interview shortly before receiving this product but it has been great at keeping my skin healthy and soft, and keeping away that beard itch as it grows back out. It's got a nice scent to it, darker and warmer than other pine scented oils I've tried, which is really nice in these colder months. It's not overpowering and pairs nice with balms and washes of similar scents. The oils a good consistency, not to heavy but doesn't feel watered down. A real quality product and for a good price.

I also really appreciate the care these guys put into their product. The packaging was done by hand and. Had a nice rustic feel to it, and the packing slip had a nice handwritten note as well. The level of care makes you feel good about your purchase and glad to support folks who put so much care into their product.

I definitely look forward to testing out their other products as my beard grows back out!

Fantastic product!
This oil not only smells amazing, it works great! Keeps my beard from getting all dry and brittle in any Montana weather, be it -15° or 100°. The ONLY brand of beard oil I'll trust with my majestic beard.
Morgan Montana
I REALLY like this fragrance. Especially now that Fall is here.
Some of the best oil I've used
Scent doesn't disappear too fast or overpower, feels light in the beard, I'll definitely be ordering more soon