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This Big Thicket Beard Oil from Texas Beard Company will have your beard tamed and smelling like you just came home from a day of choppin wood.

Big Thicket is scented with a subtle blend of Cedarwood and Pine Needle essential oils to smell just like the famous Texas forest.

This is our original size, 1 fluid ounce. This is enough oil to last most beards 3-4 months with daily use.

Texas Beard Company's Big Thicket Beard Oil, with its Cedarwood & Pine Needles scent makes me feel like I'm back adventuring in the deep Texas woods.
Chris Brown / Publisher Refueled Magazine

Texas Beard Company products are made with all natural ingredients.

Base Oil Blend

  • Golden Jojoba Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Avocado Oil

Essential Oil (Scent) Blend

  • Cedarwood
  • Pine Needle

Customer Reviews

263 Reviews
Never fails!
Big Thicket is awesome stuff! Smells like the woods. So much cedar. So good!
South Carolina
This is an excellent, not too powerful scent and is perfect for anyone who loves the smell of the outdoors. Definite scents of cedar and pine. Some reviewers said it reminds them of Christmas, but it makes me think of someone out in a wood shop. You could easily wear this scent all year long. Very manly smell. Highly recommend if you like the smell of wood and earth.
My go to
I’ve tried many other products this is by far the best.
Big thicket beard oil
Purchased my big thicket beard oil a couple of weeks back. I love it, makes my beard so so soft. My order shipped quick and I will definently be ordering more!
Been a customer for 2 years. Love your products. Unlike the high $ guys in Austin, you East Texas boys provide quality products with great scents at reasonable prices.
My boyfriend loves
I bought the big thicket beard oil for my boyfriend and he loves it so much plus it makes his beard smell amazing and super soft.
Definitely would buy again.
Best oil I've tried so far.
This oil is amazing. I love the big thicket scent. I just wish the scent would last longer. I'm hoping to find that there is a beard wash of the same scent. I am also hoping to see both of these available in sandalwood.
Groveland, Florida
Best oil
I've used the Big Thicket beard oil for about 4 years and loved it
Such a wonderful scent! Very woodsy and outdoor kind of fragrance!
Such a wonderful scent! Very woodsy and outdoor kind of fragrance!
Such a wonderful scent! Very woodsy and outdoor kind of fragrance!
Simply Excellent
Saudi Arabia
Another good scent
Definitely as advertised.
Big thicket
Smells just like they say, like a forrest great oil
Only beard oil my wife approves of!! And I like it too!
Ive tried alot of different types of beard oil. But the one that has stuck, is big thicket from texas beard company! For me, it sooths, and feels great. It also smells good for any occasion.
Texas beard company really is my home for any products i need.
Keep up the good work everyone! Im happy to support yall wherever i go. I also have stickers on my truck!
I haven't used it very long but I do believe it feels softer , can't tell a whole lot about skin yet , you know our weather in TEXAS, humid on day cold n windy the next , ya gotta love it .
Great Smell!
Love the smell of this oil. I’ll be coming back for more.
Amazing Product
Cant say enough good things about this product. It works great and has really helped my beard health since I started working in such an arid environment. Being overseas and so far from home, this product helps me remember home every time I use it.
Growing a lush raspberry thicket on my face
This is my first time using beard oil and it makes having a beard so much more enjoyable, it's no longer itchy and wild. I gave big thicket a try and the smell is amazing. Great product.
Awesome oil great smell easily became my go to oil. Thanks guys!
Big Thicket beard oil
My go to beard oil. Whenever I want my beard to look and feel clean and groomed. This is
my only choice. Fresh, clean, and appealing.
west virginia
Big Thicket Beard Oil
I lived in the Big Thicket for many years. I have had a beard since 1986 (my college days) my beard is more full than it has ever been. This product is one of the best oils on the market. The skin under my beard is healthy and smooth. It smells like those pine forest and, most important, my wife loves the smell! It reminds us of our time in the Thicket.
Thank you Texas Beard Company for this great product!
Allen, TX
Love this oil
Big Thicket smells great! My girlfriend likes it too, so you know its good.
First try of the any of the oils. Works and smells great.

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