Pecan Coffee Beard Oil

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We use our Signature Beard Oil Formula and infuse with Texas Pecan Roasted Coffee beans. Each bottle has a few beans in it after the infusion process to keep the scent alive.

Extensive testing on bearded Texas men NOT animals (although they have been called worse) has resulted in the perfect blend of scents.

So step up your facial hair game and turn that scraggle and scruff into something great.

This is our original size, 1 fluid ounce. This is enough oil to last most beards 3-4 months with daily use.

Texas Beard Company products are made with all natural ingredients.

Base Oil Blend

  • Golden Jojoba Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Avocado Oil

Essential Oil (Scent) Blend

  • Roasted Coffee
  • Texas Pecan

Customer Reviews

106 Reviews
Husband is loving all his products. Coffee smells really good! Will for sure be buying more products from yall.
Sulphur springs tx
Pecan Coffee Beard Oil
The beard oil is very good, has a very good scent and not overpowering.
This is one of my favorite products along with

The citrus oil and balm

I use one or the other everyday first thing .

In the morning
Pecan Coffee
The pecan Coffee is great! Only problem it makes me want a cup of coffee and I already have a pot a day habit. If you like pecans and coffee you will love this stuff.
Coffee aficionado
Great scent of fresh brewed coffee.

Wakes up your beard!
Barista beard oil
My new favorite beard oil, hands down. Guys with sensitive skin- pay attention. I’ve used natural oils in the past that have lead to breakouts or simply just don’t get the job done (think hobo beard). This stuff rocks. Feels nice and clean, keeps my face fur looking good, smelling good, and moisturized. Oh and this scent. Damn. If you like coffee, you’ll be pleased. Never overpowering either. 5*
Pleasant but smells closer to waffles than coffee
Not a bad scent. My fiance loves it but it smells closer to waffles than coffee in my opinion. I wish it had a stronger coffee scent to it. Overall, still good!
I’m in love with this oil. I bought it for my husband as a Christmas gift and can’t wait to give it to him
Great Product
This is the 3rd or 4th product i ordered and it is amazing. The coffee smell isnt too string but its just right!
Good stuff
Can't help but like this oil, is spite of never having any thing like it before. Flaking is gone on my black shirts, smells like it says in a genuine way but not over the top broadcast into the room, beard gets softer every day. Now I notice others who obviously don't use it.

North Cal
Love it!!
Best beard oil I have used. Love the smell too. Gotten many compliments. Thank you for making a great product.
Best oil ever!
I normally use Big Thicket but I love me some coffee. Smells delicious and moisturizes the beard as well as any other oil I have used.
Pecan coffee beard oil
Ordered a bottle of the pecan coffee beard oil. I have quite a few beard oils from different companies. This is one of,if not my favorite scent of them all. Would highly recommend, and will be trying more products from Texas beard co.
Pecan Coffee Beard Oil
The Pecan Coffee beard oil has a very sweet smell to it and my daughter loved the way it smelled. This is my first beard oil to try and I loved it. Will be ordering more.
Pecan Coffee Oil
I've had other Coffee scented oils and they were super strong. This Pecan Coffee oil has just the right amount of scent and holds strong all day.
Not my favorite scent...
Even though I am not a huge fan of this scent, I still think it's great oil. If you like the smell of pecan pie, then this is the oil for you. I may just try a different scent next time. This is my personal preference as I like more of the woodsy smelling scents. All in all, Texas Beard Co. makes some great beard oil!
This oil is by far the best I have used.I was a longtime supporter of another oil company not to say any names but it’s named after a Greek God? Anyway this oil smells awesome and leaves my beard feeling silky smooth and smelling delicious!
Personal favorite!
This is my personal favorite. Smells like a coffee house and the scent carries. Definitely recommend!
Coffee Pecan bward oil
Great smelling beard oil, to me it smells like coffee,pecans and maple syrup.It's a sweet smell and gives the beard a great shine! You also get lots of oil for a low price.
Top O the morning to Ya!
I like the way the Pecan Coffee beard oil makes my beard smell like a great morning, all day long!??
San Antonio
Great stuff!
it smells exactly as advertised and I get lots of compliments!
Santa Fe, Tx.
Coffee pecan beard oil
This oil has a great scent. It really wakes me up in the morning.
Everything about it, perfect!
Starting with packaging and presentation, spot on. You order a coffee scented oil, you get it in a miniature coffee bag. The bottle is labeled similar to the most iconic coffee brand known to man with a more manly and bearded touch. It even comes with coffee beans in the oil which is awesome! On to the scent. The scent is deliciously amazing. Smells just like coffee and pecan pie. Smells so nice you'll want to taste it. Now for performance. Does exactly what a beard oil is supposed to do. It makes my beard nice and soft and keeps my wife coming back for more sniffs. Will definitely buy again.
Really Great
My husband bought this oil for his beard, and noticed it slowly disappearing faster than he was actually using it. Because I was using it for my hair! It smells amazing and lingers just enough to be there, but isn't overpowering. I use it to lock in moisture, and soften my hair, and it's great! So it's not just for beards ;)

I'm also pretty sensitive to scents, so I'm really happy that this oil isn't too sweet or overpowering. It smells like fresh roasted coffee, and honestly I'd barely know the difference between smelling it and smelling actual coffee beans. So A++ on the scent, as well!
Dries out fast
I have to apply this oil to my bear 2 to 3 times per day. Dries out too fast. Smells great, but not digging the amount i have to use.

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