Whiskey Barrel Aged Beard Oil (Limited Edition)

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Whiskey Barrel Aged Beard Oil is a special limited edition beard oil. The oil has been aged for 2 months in a used whiskey barrel sourced from Balcones Distilling in Waco. We do not add any other essential oils to dilute the scent.

The Balcones Texas Blue Corn Bourbon barrel gives the oil the subtle sweetness of fine Texas Whiskey.

Mixed with our much-loved signature beard oil base blend, you'll love this special oil. We only made 400 bottles of this so get it while it's here.

This is our original size, 1 fluid ounce. It is enough oil to last most beards 3-4 months with daily use.

Texas Beard Company products are made with all natural ingredients.

Base Oil Blend

  • Golden Jojoba Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Avocado Oil

Scent Blend

  • Aged in a Balcones Texas Blue Corn Bourbon barrell.

Customer Reviews

119 Reviews
Awesome scent!
My friends thought I've been in a bar recently
Nailed it!
If you enjoy the smell if a good whiskey before you indulge in it then this is the smell your looking for!
Nailed it!
If you enjoy the smell if a good whiskey before you indulge in it then this is the smell your looking for!
Just hope you don’t get pulled over
as beard oils go, it’s impossible to beat Texas Beard company beard oils. Whiskey barrel oil smells AWESOME and has the Texas Beard Oil quality. It smells so much like whiskey my wife swears I’ve been hitting the bottle. The oil is smooth and works through the beard with ease. Especially if you use a beard brush. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Not for sissies...
Whisky lovers dream
The smell is amazing! Overall great product. Only gave 4 stars because the smell faded quickly. I was bragging to my wife about 30 min after application about how good it smelled and she couldn’t smell it.
My husband loves the beard oil we gave to him for his birthday.
Whiskey Barrel Beard Oil
I ordered two bottles, one for me (mustache) and one for my son (mustache & beard). To be honest it was originally more of a light hearted gift, but both of us like it. I am pleased with the oil and how it conditions my mustache. It smells pretty good also!
Definitely smells like whiskey
I’m not a expert whiskey drinker, but this beard oil definitely smells like whiskey to me. And as far as being a good beard oil goes, it does a good job taming stragglers.
Who needs to go out?
This stuff is smooth and potent. The aroma is exactly like whiskey...my wife swears I've been drinking. Use caution...#dontbeardoilanddrive

Love the whiskey oil.
I like it and I like the smell. The only bad thing is it doesn’t seem to be as soothing to the skin and shiny in my beard as the coffee oil.
Warm, sweet, mouthwatering aroma
Just the thing you need in the morning, the warm sweet smell of bourbon.

As others have said, the smell doesnt last for long. The oli quickly loses that smell after application, but it is worth every cent for the authentic Bourbon smell.

Other companies claim to have Bourbon notes, but then just use musk and vanilla to get in the general ballpark. This is the real deal and it makes me want to try the bourbon that this oil was casked in. The real whiskey smell is much better, even if it’s smell is fleeting.

I love my Bourbon whisky and I love my Whiskey Barrel Aged Bead Oil.
Whiskey Oil
Enjoy all the scents TBC comes out with. Typically not a big Whiskey fan but like to having options of scented bread oils. This was great as it is not overwhelming with a Whiskey scent that it seems you just came out of a still. Its seems to have a blend of thicket to lessen the Whiskey.

Great product if you want just a hint of Whiskey

Fragrance does not last.
Great oil
The oil is great and I love the idea, but I wish the scent was stronger. The whiskey smell is very weak and could be missed if you didn’t know what it is supposed to smell like.
Beard heaven
My husband absolutely loves this stuff. My husband initially started growing a beard at my request . He would always complain about how much it itches and how much he hated it. So I took it upon myself to purchase this oil and he has absolutely loved ever since . We’re On Our 3rd bottle .
Humble Texas
My cash on the barrel head.
I only started growing my beard in January. That is to mean, purposely growing my beard. Prior to that, I had merely ceased to shave my face, since October, for a variety of reasons (tiredness and laziness being two). With this recent found mindful intention of growing my facial scrub, I eschewed the practice of my region for the last 50 years or so, of growing the natural, scraggly, weedy root system of a beard: The Hippie Beard. Though I am not a man of high fashion, I do wish to be presentable and kempt. This effort to contain the scraggle, that is my facial foliage, has had me buying and trying a variety of beard oils. I quite enjoy the Whisky Barrel Aged Beard Oil (Limited Edition). To bear the manly musk of whiskey essence, fortifies my confidence and tames the wild hairs on my face. My wife loves the softness it imbues and alleviates concern for an unwanted exfoliation as she leans in to kiss my cheek. Yes, I would say that I enjoy the Whiskey Barrel Aged Beard Oil (Limited Edition), for it’s aromatics, it’s ability to hold and soften, it’s limited edition-ess, make it a fine purchase. My only concern with using this product is this: Should I be pulled aside for speeding, how I should convince the attending officer that the ambrosia of whiskey is upon my beard, and not upon my breath?
Sonoma County, CA
I bought this for my boyfriend as a little surprise gift and he loves it. My only suggestion would be selling it with the dropper top instead of having to pour it into your hands.
In the bottle it smells great and I love whiskey. Sadly, once it's applied to your beard that wonderful whiskey smell is practically gone. Any possibility of returning for a refund?
Enjoying my first bottle of whiskey beard oil and am going to get another before they run out. Light on scent but not too light.

Being a scotch man, I wonder if a smoky, peaty scotch infused oil might be offered in the future?
Great beard oil. Whiskey fragrance is noticeable but not overpowering. As usual, TBC delivers another great beard oil.
Fort Worth, TX
This is great beard oil
It smells great and works wonderfully I highly recommend !!
Love it!
I always stock up on this stuff since it's not a usual item that they carry. It smells just like whiskey! I'm thinking of mixing a drop of it and the coffee together. Anyway, double thumbs up from me!
Better than expected.
I finally was able to get my hands on this product! Usually they'll send out an email for when they have this scent available and I'm always too late and they run out. Now that I've got it I can enjoy the scent of whiskey and it isnt overwhelming like an actual shot of whiskey (so I can go to work with no worry of smelling like an alcoholic :). Texas Beard Co. keep up the great work and continue making great scented beard products.
Great product, great scent. I always try to grab a bottle when available!

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