Mint Eucalyptus Organic Beard Wash

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Mint Eucalyptus Organic Beard Wash is exactly what it sounds like. A solid bar shampoo for your beard infused with our beloved Mint Eucalyptus scent.

While it's true that our Beard Wash was formulated for beards it can also be used to was yourself from head to toe. We don't care if you refer to it as beard wash, beard shampoo, beard soap, or beard cleanser after a hard day it washes away the dirt, grime, and stink without damaging your beard hair.

Mint Eucalyptus Beard Wash is made with organic ingredients, you won't find any harsh chemicals, solvents, or detergents.  Ingredients were chosen to clean your beard with out drying it out or damaging it. 

Why include caffeine? Some recent scientific studies have suggested that caffeine may help stimulate hair growth. We're not as smart as those guys so we can't confirm these findings but it certainly can't hurt to try.  

Each huge bar is 6oz. Our testing indicates this is a 2-3 month supply for most.

  • goat milk
  • avocado oil
  • blend of essential oils
  • grapefruit extract
  • soy
  • caffeine
  • Rosemary
  • aloe
  • water

Customer Reviews

61 Reviews
Texas Pipeliner 28
great item doesn't dry my beard out or does it make the hairs fall out like most of these other brands, its great and its a must have for any beards men or decent pipeliners.
Bad A Beard Wash
Texas Beard Company makes a product I can't live without! There beard wash does wonders on keeping the beard soft and the itch away. Mint Eucalyptus is my go to, so fresh and so clean!
Soap smells great and lathers good for an awesome soothing wash. Great quality buy from a great company.
derk6985 San Antonio
Great product, love the mint eucalyptus scent!
Devin Burnworth
beard soap
smells great!!!

after a couple uses my beard behaves
Soft and smooth like a vag
This stuff helps keep the beard looking and smelling great. Probably not as good as a vag but you get the idea. I combined this with the same scent beard oil and it is very refreshing. Still apply conditioner which helps soften as well but I feel this stuff would have done great on its own if you find yourself in a hurry.
PABeardsman PA
I love how the soap lathers up real well and feels minty fresh for a while out of the shower. Works great!!
Farmer'a best friend
It has been hard to maintain a healthy beard with as dirty as it gets working on the farm. This beard wash knocks out the grease, dirt, and chaff without leaving it feeling fried. Smells great too!
Gluten Goatee
Loved it
Got this for my boyfriend as a gift. He loves that it suds up souch and it smells great! He likes that it cools his face also :)
arielle nd
Amazing product
This soap was ordered for my father as a Christmas gift in 2015...he's obsessed with it! He loves the way his skin feels and it makes his beard super soft. I buy him refills all the time. Thank you for such great products and service!
The beard wash is outstanding! Makes any bearded man feel like a pampered goddess.
Great product
The Eucalyptus Mint beard soap does wonders for my beard. I use it every night and it leaves my beard feeling softer nad fuller than ever. Highly recommended!
Lex Delgado
Mint Eucalyptus Organic Beard Wash
It's cool & refreshing & not overpowering like other beard washes. Another winner!
Ryan CA
Fantastic soap!!!
Makes my husbands face soft and silky!!! He told me to try it on my face and now I'm hooked!
Kara W.
Smelled great at first...
But after I used it once it no longer smelled. Disappointed is the best word to describe it. It cleans my beard, don't get me wrong. It lathers a lot and cleans it really well. I just wish the initial great smell of mint and eucalyptus stuck around. But it's gone and now it doesn't smell like anything.

Two stars for being a good soap and good size. But the smell is gone so I'm not sure I can recommend this.
Brad Detroit
Mint Beard Wash
Great product, love it as a body wash!
Kevin Texas
Love It!
So smooth when ur washing your beard with it and it leaves an after aroma hours after taking a shower.
Beard Wash, Beard Oil and Balm
Love your Products The Beard Wash lather is superb I also enjoy the oil and balm I would recommend these products to anyone with a Beard I love my Beard and thanks to those products I now have a better beard keep up the great work
James Flores
Keeps my beard clean but the smell isn't strong enough for my liking!
I have bought several products and have yet to be disappointed.
Love the smell
Bought this scent for my husband for Father's Day, love the way it smells and so does he!
Tarra Brookings, Or
Beard Wash
Great product ! Love the smell and the feel after washing! Beard feels lot smoother .
Junior2007 Fort Worth TX
Love it. You can feel how clean your beard is when your done. Another great product. Thank you Texas beard company
Santa Elber
Keep Your Beard Clean.
I work in an automotive assembly plant and after a long day my beard accumulates a lot of dirt and dust. A little scrubbing with my beard soap and the filth of the day is gone. When this bar runs out I'll be sure to order another one.
Andrew W. Louisville, KY
Squeaky Clean!
I have been using the Mint Eucalyptus soap for my hair, face, and beard- simply perfect! Doesn't take much for a good, rich lather. Washes out easily and always residue free. Great for waking up or going to bed- FRESH!

Also, I do have somewhat sensitive skin where changing face wash typically leaves me face broken out a bit. However, this did not happen switching to this soap and I have had zero blemish issues. Skin is not drying out; beard is clean and soft; and hair looks and feels great- no more conditioner needed!
B. Sloan