Mint Eucalyptus Organic Beard Wash

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Mint Eucalyptus Organic Beard Wash is exactly what it sounds like. A solid bar shampoo for your beard infused with our beloved Mint Eucalyptus scent.

While it's true that our Beard Wash was formulated for beards it can also be used to was yourself from head to toe. We don't care if you refer to it as beard wash, beard shampoo, beard soap, or beard cleanser after a hard day it washes away the dirt, grime, and stink without damaging your beard hair.

Mint Eucalyptus Beard Wash is made with organic ingredients, you won't find any harsh chemicals, solvents, or detergents.  Ingredients were chosen to clean your beard with out drying it out or damaging it. 

Why include caffeine? Some recent scientific studies have suggested that caffeine may help stimulate hair growth. We're not as smart as those guys so we can't confirm these findings but it certainly can't hurt to try.  

Each huge bar is 6oz. Our testing indicates this is a 2-3 month supply for most.

  • goat milk
  • avocado oil
  • blend of essential oils
  • grapefruit extract
  • soy
  • caffeine
  • Rosemary
  • aloe
  • water

Customer Reviews

98 Reviews
Very Nice!
I wanted to switch from body wash back to the bar soap but also wanted to support a local company. I'm very happy I went with Texas Beard Company!
Houston, TX
One and only soap/shampoo in my shower.
You can use this stuff for everything and it smells amazing. Literally stopped using shampoo from a bottle and body wash. Just use this bar of soap. Order a few if you plan to use it this way.
Beard soap and comb
I can’t use the comb, bit the soap is the bomb!
Good product by a again!!!
Beard Soap is great!
My first beard soap, and growing my new beard longer. Bought the mint eucalyptus bar soap for my beard, and I think it’s really great. Suds up easily without using too much from the bar. I like the smell it leaves after my shower, too. Great product!
Georgetown, TX
Eucalyptus beard wash
No discernible scents
Mint to Be
Minty fresh. Great as always.
Eucalyptus Soap
It gets the job done.
Always great and awesome products. No complaints. 👍🏻😃😎
Good beard soap
Lathers thick. I like to apply the bar directly to my beard and face and repeat. Mint eucalyptus is the most true-to-scent and aromatic soap I’ve bought from TBC. You can’t go wrong.
Minty Goodness
This has been my go to bar for the last year. It’s pleasant but not overwhelming with just the right amount of minty goodness. And it’s a powerhouse on foam! Cleans well without stripping all the oil from my beard.
Mint Eucalyptus Organic Beard Wash
If you like the mint smell this is the beard wash for you. It delivers that mint spice smell and at the same time you can feel the crisp nice clean lather on your beard.
Corpus Christi, Texas
Not bad
Really good bar, feels good on the face and lathers wonderfully. Hair feels good.
Tx Beard all the way
My wife loves the smell of this soap and it leaves my beard feeling soft as well as manageable
Great Product!
Great product, no chemical smells, leaves the beard feeling soft after towel drying. This was my 2nd time purchasing the soap, the other soap flavors were sold out and this was the only one in stock so I ordered it and dont regret it at all though I do really love the Coffee one as well. Will definately be ordering more in the future
Beard shampoo
Smells Great, Cleans Great But....
Initially, I had very high hopes for this product, and while it does smell and clean great, it leaves my beard with almost a waxy feel, and I find myself having to use another shampoo after using this to get rid of it. I probably will not be purchasing this again, but would consider it if you made a liquid offering.
I have used other products from this company and was hopeful that this one would be as good as the others I have tried. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The soap lost it's scent a day after removing it from the shipping package and the soap itself is just the same as a regular off the shelf bar of soap but for 3 times the cost.
Wake Forest, NC
Just Lovely
This beard wash lathers really nice and I personally love how the scent isn't overpowering but it still smells just lovely.
Wonderful product
I love mint everything and my husband has never been a fan but I convinced him to give it a try. He absolutely loves the smell. Thanks again tbc!
Never gonna cry again
I use it for the beard, face, and hairs. When some beard products burn your eyes this one does NOT and that's really great not to look like Towelie in the morning
Awesome Scent
This soap is pretty awesome. Smells great, and not harsh. I use it as a top to bottom body wash. Amazing stuff and great smell!
Beard wash
Love the beard wash soap. Makes beard and face feel refreshed.
Tomball, Tx
Mint Beard Soap/Wash
I've purchased all of the soaps from Texas Beard Co. and this one is by far my favorite.
Victoria, TX
Very Very good...

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