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Use this small (seriously, it's small) comb on your mustache to slip into over-lip hippity-dip ship shape! 

These combs are laser cut out of sustainably harvested cherry wood. Then they are hand sanded and finished with food safe mineral oil to preserve it's fine craftsmanship.

They measure roughly 2" wide x 1" tall x 1/4" thick. Sorry, didn't have a banana, penny for scale

Customer Reviews

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Mustache Wax
I have tried several different kinds and this is the best one. The comb is pretty cool too!
BUT: The comb is a Birthday gift for my husband in Nov. How about I let you know after that? Thanks, Trish
The comb
I never knew how important it was to comb your mustache/ beard ! I got this comb for my husband and he keeps it in his pocket at all times . It’s a great size and very sturdy and since it’s made out of wood it’s the best comb for the Mustache because apparently it keeps the static out of your beard as combing with plastic combs could damage your beard / mustache hair. He literally never leaves home without it !
Humble, Texas
Comb was extremely over priced, did not know it was only 2” long.
Works Well
Smells fantastic out of the box; compact and stylish way to manage an unruly mustache.
The mini mustache comb
I really enjoyed this product! Perfect size to carry anywhere and very good quality. It even had a great scent!
Texas City, TX
Makes a great gift! Does not pull hair.
Mustache comb
this is a high quality comb.

my husband loves it.

Beard brush
Good stuff
New Mexico
Mustache comb
This little comb is awesome, it comes in handy when I get off my Harley
pretty cool!
I carry this in my back pocket and it's pretty handy when I'm on the road with the bike!

CT - Connecticut
Beard Comb
Awesome little comb. Good deal! All I need now is an awesome little brush.
Pretty good
I'm overall happy with this comb. It's nice and small and easy to use. I gave it 4 stars because i feel that the quality could be a touch better. If it could be a little smoother edges on the "teeth". But hey, it still does the job, thats good enough for me.
mustache comb
this is the worlds smallest comb ever. such an awesome little comb but would have been nice to be a tad larger for the beard. or is there such thing as a beard comb haha! either way my beau loved your products and he evenly started following you on Facebook soon as he received his valentine gifts! Will order again, he wants to try out the coffee scent.
Mustache Comb
Don't get discouraged by the size It is very small but practical. My husband loves it! Slips it in sand out of his suit pocket.
Mustache comb
Should put a scale reference to show that the mustache comb is a toy comb. The toy bag didn't help either. Feels like they are both worth about a $1.00. Not worth the price charged. I'm bearded and it feels like it might break just running it through. Very dissatisfied.
San Antonio, Tx.
A tiny tiny comb
This item is made for a doll with a beard. It's the smallest comb my husband has seen. It's not worth the money. Pass on this if you can. If the person using the item has normal to large hands it will be silly to purchase. My husband tried to hide his laugh when he saw that I bought him a tiny comb for $14 bucks!
Perfect size for a shorter beard as well
Good little comb
This comb really gets the job done!!
This product is awesome, great quality and craftsmanship.
Pleasent Aroma
This minature comb is not only perfect for the stash, but it has a great cabin texture feel to it and a scent of freshly cut wood! Awesome buy
Great comb
Some might say $14 for a tiny comb is a bit much, but it does its job great, and i'm a huge fan of the all wood design. Completely worth it to me, feels very quality to use, but still light enough to just glide through the hair. Overall if you don't mind spending the extra 3 or 4 dollars, for this wooden one over a plastic one I'd say its a great product at a acceptable price.
Wooden Stache comb
I love this little comb, every time i comb my stache i can smell the wood scent. Makes me feel like a lumberjack each use, as it carries me away to the great outdoors.
Beard comb
Bought the beard comb and love it. Perfect for on the go grooming.
Fort Wayne In.
Very pricey for such a SMALL piece of wood. The one I got was smaller than the one pictured with the penny. Mine is only 2 pennies wide and came in with a broken tine. Everything else I bought is OUTSTANDING quality!
Columbus, TX

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