Heavy Beard Oil - Cherry Bomb (heavy-cherry) - Reviews

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Heavy Beard Oil is a brand new type of beard care product. This product combines properties of beard oil and balm to give you the best of both worlds.  You get the ease of application, shine, softening of beard oil as well as the taming and...
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Worst beard product I’ve tried I’m shocked by the positive reviews for this because after first use I could tell this is just bad. It immediately left my beard feeling frizzy and not soft like normal oil/balm does. It just felt really bizarre.

The scent I really liked! Is like a cherry starburst, so sweet and sugary, but honestly I could wiff any scent of it an hour after putting it on. I rubbed my fingers through my beard and nothing, no smell.

The oil/balm I typically use I can smell 7-8 hours later, so not even smelling an hour is a joke.

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