Big Thicket - 1/4oz Trial Beard Oil (oil-bt-trial) - Reviews

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This is our trial size, 1/4 fluid ounce. This is 1/4 the size of our standard 1oz beard oil. This Big Thicket Beard Oil from Texas Beard Company will have your beard tamed and smelling like you just came home from a day of choppin wood. Big Thicket...
Big Thicket Reminds me of a walk into the deep forest, clean, refreshing and invigorating! Lingers but does not overwhelm. My wife was immediately reminded of Christmas.

Kingsbury, TX
Great Product Ok, when I ordered my first trial pack this was my first one to try and wow I was amazed by this outdoor smell. It takes me back to being a kid and campfires with my dad and friends. As well as the memories I have made with my own kids around camp/bonfires. This smell comes in second for me only to the Pecan Coffee. It has the same great feel of smooth and soft that comes in all off the great oils that the Texas Beard Company offers.

Burleson, Texas
Smells and works great I find this has a smokey smell to it (weirdly) but I like it! Nice texture and feel to it and works great!

Very nice! This is an excellent, not too powerful scent and is perfect for anyone who loves the smell of the outdoors. Definite scents of cedar and pine. Some reviewers said it reminds them of Christmas, but it makes me think of someone out in a wood shop. You could easily wear this scent all year long. Very manly smell. Highly recommend if you like the smell of wood and earth.

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