Cherry Bomb - 1/2oz Trial Beard Balm (balm-cherry-trial) - Reviews

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This 1/2oz trial size balm is a great way to try out our balm and/or a new scent.The Cherry Bomb blend features a blend of sweet cherry, vanilla, and a hint of sandalwood. Texas Beard Company Beard Balm is has similar properties and benefits to our...
Really enjoy using this balm. The fragrance is awesome. Hopefully you come out with a soap.

Excellent product Great beard feel and my wife loves the scent!

All around great poduct but smells to sweet. Texas Beard has a product all around beard balm and although I do like the cherry scent, its almost too sweet. I bought the smaller size to try it and I'm glad to say it's almost done because I like it.

Niagara Falls, NY
Cherry Bomb What an awesome idea about smaller sample sizes. I will now be purchasing these for my travel bag to reduce weight. I thought the scent was good but just a little too much vanilla for me. That's why its down a star. But I will be purchasing my favorite scents for travel. How about doing the same with the soap?

Sonoran Desert
Cherry Bomb Beard Balm 1/2 oz trial size I use a small daub so it might be my fault that I don't smell the cherry aroma well enough. I'm new to oils and balms but still I don't want to cake my beard to enjoy the smell.

Didn't receive it... I ordered the Balm trial size to give it a go....but I was sent the Oil by mistake. Accidents biggie. I'll still use it.

Just a horrible horrible smell I’ve used many of their beard balms and was looking forward to a new sent and something holiday-ish.

First and foremost it’s STRONG smelling and lasts pretty much the whole day. It’s super sweet and it hits you all at once. Thinking MAYBE the scent would go away after a awhile, it just didn’t... it was there for the long haul and I couldn’t wait to get somewhere to wash it off.

My wife was even less than impressed.

I’ll stick to the Mint Eucalyptus and scratch it up to an experience.

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